Saturday, 16 October 2010

oops sorry no card.xx

sorry folks no card tonight.what a blinking day i have had.stuck a load of washing in the washer this morning before work and it went all cuckoo banana`s on me and the pump wasn`t working off i went to work till 2pm with my mum saying she would pick my washing up later.
so i got home and decided to try my washer again.stuck a load in then stupid me decided to check the filter, yep i got flooded with water, so half an hour of mopping later i tried again.
i had to manually drain my washer through a little hose at the bottom so had to sit in front of the washer for an hour and a half but its paid off and is now working again.there was a lot of soapy yak backlogged in the pipe, was grosss!!!
so after all that i am now late on doing everything else a mum and wife has to do so am not going to even attempt to make a card tonight instead i will catch up on my commenting.
right better go do the rice and nann breads for our curry now.
catch ya tomorrow hopefully with a card.
heres a pic of my little man from a party he went to where he got the chance to hold an owl.
thanks for popping by.
have a fab evening :D

luv coops xx


Christine said...

Ohhh Nic sounds like you had one wet least you got the blockage sorted..wot we woman have to do??LOL your wee chap isnt gonna take his eyes off that owl..

smiles Christine xx

karen said...

Cor what a nightmare, at least you fixed it! Fab pic!! Karen

xGemmax said...

Hiya Coops
Sounds like you had a right day....hope you arent to stressed!!
Your little fellow.....he cant take his eyes of that Owl can he, he looks like he's thinking i'll be ok if you dont move....please dont move...your beautiful but please dont move!! lol
hugs and xxx

Sheila said...

Nic, Sorry you had such a hellish day but at least its all sorted til next time! Wee man looks stunned by the owl but bet he enjoyed having him sitm there! Sheila:)X

Time-To-Share said...

What a day you've had right enough!! This is a fabulous pic - what a cute little boy you've got. Hope tomorrow's better. Take Care.

Noreen said...

Don't you just hate days like that. Glad you've got it all sorted out now. What a fab owl, your son looks quite mesmerised. xx

CraftyC said...

Is there something in the air atm? Seems a lot of us have not had the best of weeks, but your cute piccie of your little boy is gorgeous and he looks like he really enjoyed himself. Hope tomorrows a better day for you!

amanda stokes said...

Oh dear I had that same prob with an old washer so glad i got rid of it lol
Fab pic of your little man love the owl too :)
hugs amanda xx

cardmaking bird said...

Arrrgghhh, nightmare - hope you've chilled out now you've had a chance to sit down and enjoy your curry! Great photo - so adorable (your little man and the owl!!) Marie xx

Di said...

Snap and double snap coops. I had to do this with my machine on thursday night. I had a swiss roll tin under it and was soaking the water from the tin into a bowl with the squeezee mop with speedy sitting on the floor watching me!!! i was knackered,lol. Then it decided to work again (????) I don't trust it now though.

Jackie said...

Nasty day but what a gorgeous photograph :o)
Jackie xx

Janette said...

Well Nic they do say alls well that ends least it's sorted and the pic is

Anonymous said...

Oh I feel for you Coops! What a miserable day you had! hope all is much better now and the machiner is still behaving itself!

What a fantastic picture of your son with the owl! I bet that's a day he'll always remember x

tilly said...

Poor Coops and having to waork as well lol, at least you have the washer going again !
Love your pic! went to see Aunty Sue in intensive care last night, at least the only way is UP now !!
Love Tillyx
PS saw your message about the swap. I'm sure it will have arrived(she has been to poorly for post this week) and thanks from both of us, Sue will have a long recovery process, but you know she will appreciate your envelope! xx

Sue said...

Glad you got sorted out Nic,hate when my washer is being bad.Lovely photo of your lad.
Hugs Sue

Maureen [docrafts] said...

Glad you got the washer sorted. Photo is brilliant and such a cute wee boy with a cheeky grin.

Lee said...

Oh dear that's flippin pants that is.So glad it's now behaving itself fingers crossed.Gorgeous pic of your little man bless him.I love owls.xxxxx

Vicky said...

Hi sorry I've not been to visit I've been feeling rather cacky & poop so I've not done much at all finally managed a card last night after spending an hour scratching my head lol. Love this piccy hope your washer is working & behaving for you now. Its the biggest pain in the household when the washer does not want to play & you end up wanting to stick the end of your nice shiny boot in its......carcus, face, door, front..........didnt know what to blasted call it then he he know me, a blonde disguised as a brunette lol.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx