Sunday, 21 November 2010


good evening all.well i am really honoured because i have been given this fab award from the following 3 very talented ladies :
thankyou ladies for passing on this award to pop and see these lovely ladies fantastic blogs :D
now i have to tell you 3 things about me.
1.i am a really avid reader and love crime/thriller fav authors are james patterson,patricia cornwell.kathy reichs,karin slaughter and lots of others too.i also love the true blood books by charleine harris and also the tv series.i enjoy true crime books too. i know i love crime and true crime but i am really not fond of blood at all!!!!! or needles and apparently i used to have a certain scream when i was younger if i was bleeding which always bought my mum running with a wet cloth ready,lol.i was really accident prone and i have had stitches in my face 4 times and lots of sprains plus a nice 3 inch skull fracture from fainting in assembly at primary school..i was a big tomboy though.i still am and love me pumps and trainers :D

3.i have a heart murmer which i was born with but it only murmers when i lie i was pregnant with my son i had to see a heart consultant to see if the murmer would affect the meds i could have in labour and he made me have a heart scan which was normal so he was very baffled and still is.hehe and after all them tests i only had a  10 minute labour so no meds anyway.

well hopefully these are facts you didn`t know cos i do like to talk a lot so i may have said
now i `m supposed to pass this on to a chosen few but you`re all great so please do take this award for yourselfs too :D
see you later
luv coops xxx


Jules said...

Well done on your award Coops .. .. what interesting facts.

I am really surprised you even have time to read with all of your craft production.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Love Jules xx

jgaffneycards said...

well done on the award, wow 10 min labour, lucky you, i love to read to but i read more Stephen king and such, but id give anything a try,

Jenny :)

Lorraine said...

well done coops you deserve it x3 xx

jules said...

Hi Coops Lovely for you to get the award! yes you do deserve it!,i to love reading, i go to bed say at 11 still reading sometimes at 2!!!!!!.
You where lucky in labour wow! i took 36 hrs with my first!!!!!.ps didn't put me off though i went on to have three more!!lol!

Margarets designer cards said...

Congratulations and very well deserved, How do you get time to read with all your crafting

Delphine said...

Congratulations on your award, Coops, totally deserved! And thanks for sharing your facts:-)... Hugs Delphine xx