Sunday, 6 July 2014

Garden Pics ....... in the nick of time.

Good evening all.
A few photos of my garden and just in time to as the heavens have just opened and it is persisting it down.
I have replanted all my pots with herbs.The only one i have kept is the cotton lavender, my other cotton lavender has died.
All new perennials again, i just need a few more now to fill in a few more gaps.
Here are a few pics.
This is a plant i brought a few weeks ago which is now flowering.

I love this one, this is one i brought last time too.

A new one i got today, strawberries and cream.I have 3 of these i have dotted around.

This is a really old plant, now in full bloom.

My buddleia`s are growing well.

My new herb pots, lots of different herbs including basil, garlic chives, mint, marjoram.

and the pots the other side.These were a bargain, all the herbs were 50p or £1 each.

A few from the top end.

A new plant that has gone in today, one that is good for the bee`s.

Another new one in.

And another new one, love this.

My hydrangea now in full bloom and it is a stronger pink colour this year.

A pic from the bottom of the garden looking up.

Another of the plants brought last time that is now flowering.

Another new one today, echinacea.

And thats your lot.
I love seeing all the different colours mingled together and i can`t wait to get some more new plants next week :D
Thanks so much for looking.
Hugs Nic.


  1. Beautiful pics I luv flowers
    Chris x

  2. Hi Nic

    You have a very pretty garden, thank you for sharing it.

  3. Love your pictures of the garden Nic all those flowers are so beautiful looks like someone has green fingers.
    lorraine x

  4. I've so enjoyed my lovely stroll thru your beautiful garden Nic. Wonderful colours - I can see it is a labour of love. hugs, Pat K xx

  5. All the flowers are so gorgeous Coop's I love those blue ones
    Kevin xx

  6. Lots of pretty flowers and colours Coops and they will love the rain..gorgeous gardens and pots..

    luv CHRISSYxx

  7. Wow! your garden is really beautiful Coops! a lovely array of colours... I love the purple flower and the Strawberries and Cream... and the gorgeous orange one... oh I love them all !! Lol
    Hope you've had a lovely weekend!
    Big hugs
    Sue xx

  8. Your garden is looking fabulous. I love to see lots of colourful flowers.
    Lorraine x

  9. Beautiful garden Nic! you have a gorgeous selection of plants and herbs..enjoy!
    Wendy xx

  10. beautiful garden you have. and so many flowerts. love your small herb garden. i myself have a very large herb garden as i make mint for my own tea for the whole winter. Do have a great day hope for warm and sun .

  11. Lovely colourful photographs and a lovely garden :o)
    Jackie xx

  12. Lovely photos of your garden, you have been busy, I can see you are a very keen gardenenr to have such lovely flowers, they all look stunning!
    Hugs Jacee

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  13. You've got some gorgeous plants there Nic... and a lovely garden! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics!

    Christine x

  14. beautiful selection of plants and love all the herb pots
    Carol x

  15. Nic your garden is stunning! Love some of the new plants you've bought, especially that pretty blue one, very similar to a cornflower! So enjoy seeing your beautiful garden especially as I have a black thumb! xxxx

  16. Lovely garden and such pretty flowers. Neither hubby or I have green thumbs so we look next door where Mom and Pop both have green thumbs. We have one little rose bush and one hydrangea in the back and that is it. Wish you could come here and give me some advice! Hugz!

  17. You have a beautiful garden, all your hard work has paid off.
    I have brown thumbs, every plant I touch dies!

    Big hugs
    Elaine xxx


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