Monday, 26 April 2010

an award.xx

good morning all, wow an award.
i have been given this fantastic award from the lovely di thanks hun.pop over to di`s fantastic blog and take a i have to share with you 1o interesting facts about myself, cor not sure if i can find well here goes.
1.i am left handed but apart from writing and colouring i do everything else right handed.
2.i have been with my husband for nearly 21 years, we met when i was nearly 15 and i still get butterflies in my tummy.
3.i am an avid reader and love nothing better than to have my head in a book, dean koontz, patricia cornwell, kathy reichs to name a few but my all time fav author is james patterson.
4.i was luckily chosen and published in the docrafts creativity magazine in the talent spot section.november 2009 issue.
5.i am addicted to crafting, especially stamping and buttons.
6.i love gardening even though i have hayfever and i have to get my hubby to cut the grass.
7.i still get asked for id when buying alchohol despite being nearly double the age limit, having a 6 year old in tow and wearing a wedding
8.i love a good cup of tea and am teetotal (yes i know i said alchohol above but i didn`t say it was have tryed it but to be honest just one glass gives me a thumping headache so i don`t bother now.
9.i love nothing better on a day off to go out with my 2 special men and go to the cinema and watch a good film together.
10.i love walking in the country side and one of my fav places is manifold valley, such a beautiful place to visit.i also live very close to alton towers theme park.

well thats it folks, not very interesting i i am supposed to pass this on to 10 other people but guess what interesting fact no11, well i`m a bit naughty and really couldn`t think of just 10 so if you are one of my followers please go ahead and grab it for yourself cos you are all fantastic.take care and have a good day.luv


JR Creations said...

Deadly! I adore all those authors too, but have a soft spot for James Patterson too. The first crime thriller book I ever read was Kiss the Girls and was so enthralled I had to stay up ALL night and finish it. I'm currently stuck into 8th Confession and was up until 3 this morning trying to finish it but fell asleep. Have plans to finish it tonight though. Mwahahaha! The next one is out already! Ah!

Delphine said...

Yes, very interesting! I think it is great we get to know a little bit more about you, the lovely girl who makes such amazing cards! Congratulations on your well-deserved award! Hugs Delphine xx

Sheila said...

You ARE an interesting person - now I know 11 things about you I didn't know before!
I will 'steal' the award but only once I have thought of 10 interesting things about me!!

Janette said...

congrats on the award coops....nice to read the ten things about you,and you do look like a teenager a good day you will be soooo glad about that....xx

Judi said...

Oooh! You lazy girl, fancy not passing it on properly, lol. Congratulations on your award, and personally I found the 10 facts about you VERY interesting. Aren't you lucky to still be asked for ID? Sounds like we have a lot in common too, love of gardening, etc.

Hugs Judi xxx

Sue said...

Congrats about your award its very deserved.You have my 2 fav aurthors on your list and you do look like a teenager.Its nice to meet you coops.

Sarpreet said...

congratulations for your award, nice to read more about you