Pinterest/pinning my cards.

Just a few words about Pinterest.
Here is my Pinterest if anyone is interested:

So just to say if you would like to pin my cards/creations could you please try your very best to pin them using the pin button direct from my blog page or if needs be via Bloglovin.
I am seeing quite a few of my cards being pinned `uploaded by user` which means that my cards photos are being saved to someone`s personal picture files.
So please you don`t need to ask if you want to pin my creations, all I ask is that you pin direct from my blog page and that you do NOT save my photo`s to your personal files.My finished cards photo`s are copyright to me.

Thanks for reading.
Any queries please leave me a comment with your email addy (i moderate comments so this will be deleted) and i will email you back asap.

Hugs Nic.


Unknown said...

Thanks, I'm new to the Pinterest thing and I didn't realize that the artist/colorist wasn't getting credit until recently. I love your coloring, I have many on my board and I will delete those and pin from your board and other colorist as well.

Sometimes I wish Pinterest would put out rules of pinning, if they have I never really found them.

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

pinterest does state their copyright policy plainly -; i think many just 'agree' to the terms without reading them and there is an abundance of copyright violations on pinterest. it's about time this topic came up.

Stella said...

I found your page while searching for girl images and am so thankful I did. Not only did I find adorable images, I've been inspired to do more coloring. Keep up your awesome work!!!