Wednesday, 9 June 2010

awards time.

good evening all, a couple of awards to share with you tonight.this first one i have recieved from 2 people, the wonderful delphine and messi jessi.

the rules to follow for this award are:

1.thank and link to the person/persons who gave you the award.

2.display the award on your blog.

3.tell 6 lies and 1 truth about yourself or vice versa.hehehe.

4.nominate 7 others and leave them a message letting them know.mwah hahahaha.

so are you ready!! here are by 6 big fibs and 1 truth, in no particular order.

1.i am 6ft tall, blonde and drive a lime green porshe.
2.i live next door to a famous celebrity and we borrow sugar from each other regulary.
3.i will soon be a dt member for my local craft shop once their blog is up and running.
4.i love nothing better than to go night clubbing in my 8 inch heels.
5.i absolutely hate reading, so boring.
6.i hate sweets, they taste revolting.
7.crafting is so boring and i have to force myself to do it.

lol, that was hard.
so the 7 lucky people who i am passing this on to are:


and onto my 2nd award which i have been given to by the wonderful sarpreet.thankyou sarpreet.

now for this award i need to link it to the person who gave it to me and award to 12 other i award this one to:

2.sandra aka annette.
6.ann marie & tracy

and to all my other followers please take this award if you would like it.right wish me luck i now need to go and see if all these links are be back later.ttfn.luv


tilly said...

Hello Coopsy, thank you so much for the award, need to get aunty sue to tell me what to do lol, some more gorgeous cards,not time to comment on each as only home tonight, will look again when I get back
Love Tilly xx

Aunty Sue said...

Hi Nic thanks for the award and love your big fibs did make me giggle. Oh now which could be the true one. The DT maybe you deserve it or could it be the sweets.

bosenberries said...

Ha Ha, thanks coops, will have to think up some big stories to tell, Robin

Messi Jessi said...

My pleasure Nic - and I think your truth is that you're 6ft tall, blond and drive a lime green porsche! Thanks for the sunshine award, don't think I have 12 people to pass it on to yet though!

Vixx handmade cards said...

Hi Coops!!
Thanks for the award!!, it did make me laugh!!
Have a fab evening, love Vicky xx

Sheila said...

I am guessing that your truth is that you are gonna be on the DT of your local craft shop - about time too! Thanks so much - will need to sleep on this and get some whoppers to tell! Sheila:)X

Mina said...

hhhhhmmmmmm now I wonder Nic...well I never knew you wore heels that high and drove a porsche lol
Mina xxx

JR Creations said...

Awh Coops thanks a mill! Gotta love DoCrafts for introducing us to each other! Friends for life eh?!? Great award too! :-D

Jane x said...

Thank you so much for the award, would love it but need to enlist the kids to help me load it up properly. Thanks once again, Jane x

Christine said...

Hi Nic thanks so much for the award will see to it asap..not feeling to good at mo && got the joiner in all new internal doors being fitted...

Hugs Christine xx

Twocrafty said...

Aw thanks for our very first award Coops. Your "truths" made me giggle - have visions of you driving your lime green porsche wearing 8 inch heels to go nightclubbing... LOL

Tracy & Ann-marie x

Delphine said...

Congratulations, Nic... I love everything you have told us! You really make me laugh! Feel some exciting news coming, and it would be so well-deserved! Hugs Delphine xx

Margarets designer cards said...

Congratulations on your award, I hope you enjoy them Margaret

Eileen said...

Hi Coops and thank you so much for the award. I'm going to try and add it to my blog. Wish me luck.Eileen x