Friday, 18 June 2010


afternoon all, just to say a very big thankyou to you all for your concern regarding my back.i was lucky enough to get an appointment this morning at the doctors and its seems that i have a muscle injury to the bottom of my back.i`ll be blown how i have done it though.i do have to lift heavy boxes at work as that is my job but i still do not recall pulling my back.but hey anyway i have been given some strong anti inflamm tabs and have been told to continue with my painkillers and voltarol gel and to keep my back moving and to use a hot water bottle.
so i have been and bought a new hot water bottle, reduced to a quid at work, what a bargain and have taken my tab this morning, can already feeling it was in a bit of a sulk cos had to use money to get them all instead of crafty stash so my best friend (my mum) gave me some money to buy some, so i have had some new sizzix dies.i have had the tim holtz tattered florals and the hanging sign and a rose die by sizzix too.
so now i am heading to my craft table with my hot water bottle, lol to make my hubbys fathers day cards whilst also watching the film labrinyth with my little man.
so again i really do appreciate your concern and kindness and i will be back later with a project or 2.
ttfn and take care all.
loadsa luv


Mags said...

I'm glad your visit to the Doc's was successful! I hope the medication does the trick. Enjoy 'Labyrinth' (wonderful film!) and I hope you feel better soon!

Carol said...

Told you you'd get an appointment Nic! So glad it's nothing too serious. Just stick to doc's orders and you'll be better in no time. Lucky lady getting all those new dies, I'm jealous hehe! Enjoy your movie with your little man. Lotsa luv xxxx

tilly said...

So pleased you got to see the Doctor and it is nothing major....what a good Mum you have, can I borrow her ?? lol....enjoy your new stuff and the film with your little man
Love Tilly xx

kay said...

glad you have got sorted at the drs nic,remember to keep moving and enjoy the film,x

tilly said...

Forgot to say....... If you have to keep your back moving.... my bathroom needs paint and paper yet, a generous offer from me to help the infirm !!!! PMSL Tilly xxx

Aunty Sue said...

good to hear you got ian appointment and hopefully things will get better

Jules said...

Good news - glad you are sorted.

Sounds like things are starting to improve already.

What a lovely Mum you have - and gorgeous new stash by the sounds of it.

Have a good weekend.

Love Jules xx

p.s.having a red jelly bean tonight - thankyou! x

Squirrel x said...

So relieved that it is "just" a muscle hun! Make sure you follow doctor's orders (and Auntie Squirrel's) and rest when you feel you need to. Keeping moving is ok, but be careful not to do more damage than you have already!! Hope you feel better soon sweet. Have to say, a hot water bottle sounds just the ticket - it's been a bit fresh round the frilly bits here today. Hugs, Sxx

Little K Smith said...

Hi Coops
Glad you've got sorted and hope it makes a real difference soon. LOVE the film Labrinyth, remember going to watch it at the pics as a kid, then watched it a few months ago and still loved it! Enjoy :)

sandy's crafty bits said...

Even though you're not
feeling your best
With a little time
good care and rest-
It won't be long until the
happy day
When you're feeling fine
in every way.

hope you are on the mend soon ... cannot claim credit for the poem above as have only copied and pasted it as us clever crafters do ... so if you are the owner thank you ...

love to you nic ... Sandy xx


Hi Nic
So glad you have got sorted,take care
Hugs Dianne xx

nessy said...

so glad to hear that the tabs are working ~what would we do without hot water bottles?? look after yourself and enjoy your new dies ~what a lovely mum you have
big hugs
vanessa xx

Sheila said...

How lovely of you to think of your Mum as your best friend - I can't really as mine lives 600 miles away from me but I know when we go to stay with her for a few days next month we will go to Funky Kits shop and she will treat me. I cannot wait to go there and touch and feel everything they have!! Speak again soon. Enjoy the weekend! Sheila:)X

Jackie said...

At least now you know what it is and the meds should kick in and help. I hope it's soon better :o)
Jackie xx

Jane said...

Good news, I pulled my pelvic floor muscles last year in the February snow and again in the summer and it was hell, so I do understand. My internet has been off for three days while BT upgrade to fibre optics so I am getting round to blog hopping! Take care, Jane x