Thursday, 9 September 2010


hello all.a quickie before i scoff my tea and then go and get creative in my little corner :)
thanks for all your concern about my prob at work.
at the moment nothing has changed but hopefully will be :s
also can i say a big thanks to all who have been advising me to try out for current dt calls.
as much as i would love to have a go at trying to get onto a dt,
1,i don`t have a lot of confidence in my creations (stupid i know, but thats me,lol)
2,i don`t have a printer or access to 1 so any challenges that require digital images is a no no, hence why i don`t think of entering.
thanks so much though for thinking of me, it means a lot.
right of to eat my lasagne then better try and make something.
am still playing catch up with commenting but a day off tomorrow and also having my hair done :)

luv coops xxxx


Vicky said...

Hi Nic hunni I hope you are ok sweetie, I'm sorry I wasn't around last night I've only just read both your posts. I'm so sorry about your incident at work you mustn't feel a prat tho every1 has off days & moments of weakness (so to speak), no matter how strong you are you are unbreakable hun, you have a lot of people who love you & who are there for you. I may be over 200 miles from you but if ever you need to talk I am always here duck ok!!! I hope you are feeling better today. I've had no lappy the damn thing went on me, the hard-drive has gone on it so I've got a temp 1 for now (very small) my hubby hoping to download all my digi stamps onto my youngest son's big computer....its been a nightmare.....
Will be back later to have a peekskie at your creation shug.
Lotsa & lotsa hugs Vicky xx


Hi Nic
Sorry don't know what happened but i hope you are ok,
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Nic, I was so sorry to read about your work incident - I absolutely agree with everything Vicky has said to you. I really hope you are able to enjoy your day off tomorrow - it's great you've got a little pampering at the hairdressers lined up. I'm sorry I haven't visited your blog for a while - been a bit off colour that's all so not felt up to much. You take good care and have a restful day tomorrow and at the weekend xx

Amanda said...

Hi Nic, sorry to hear you had an issue at work hope it sorts itself out soon. Am always here if you would like to talk, sometimes talking about it helps. Just wanted to say your cards are fantastic and if I was half as talented as you I would be entering every dt call going. Take care Amanda xx

Andrea C said...

well if you needed some digis printed you could always ask probably any one of us (I know I would be happy to do it) print required digis off for you and send you them xxx

crafting caz said...

Hope your feeling better today nikki, non of us are indestructable and all definatly have our off days hope today was much better, Carrie xxxx

cardmaking bird said...

Hiya Nic,
Sorry to hear about yesterday. Everyone is entitled to show a bit of emotion every now and again - it shows we're human, so don't feel a prat. I really hope it all gets sorted but at least you've got a day off tomorrow to try and get your head around things or forget it for the day - whichever you'd rather!! If you do ever need to talk, you know where I am.
I can't believe you don't think you're good enough for DTs - I've made it onto a few and if I'm good enough, you most definitely are!!! You only have to look at the number of wonderful comments you get from people every day. And as for the digis - as someone else said, I'd always be happy to print off what you need and send them to you.
Sending cyber hugs!! Marie xx

JR Creations said...

Awh coops, just go for it girl, digital isn't the be all and end all. I know plenty of places that don't even like digital. Hope the work thing sorts itself out too.

Janette said...

Hi Nic,Sorry to say I am only just catching up with you, so don't know what happened at work, but I really hope your for the DT spots, you should be having ago, gosh if I have the cheek to to you soon.xx