Tuesday, 24 May 2011

just a quick un

good evening all.
just a quick post to say there will be no card tonight.i am so far behind in commenting so am gonna spend the night catching up with you all.
i had a big problem with my blog this morning, i scheduled my PFP post, signed out of my blog and logged in to the crafty urchins blog to post a card on there.
i posted my card ok but then i was unable to sign out of crafty urchins.it just kept staying on the dashboard.
my bro set my pc up so that it doesn`t remember passwords and so normally once i log off the internet and go back on i always have to sign in again.
but that wasn`t working, whatever i did it was taking me to crafty urchins dashboard.even shutting down my lappy and leaving it 10 mins before switching it back on didn`t work
then my PFP post didn`t publish so i had to give crafty urchins my log in details so that sue could hit publish on my  PFP post, so huge thanks to sue for doing that for me and apologies to the PFP ladies for my post being a little late.
anyway phoned my trusty little bro, he had me deleting cookies and browsing history and allsorts but it still wouldn`t work so in the end i have had to completely restore my laptops broswer/internet  back to original settings so i could get my blog back.
cor i can tell you for nearly 3 hours i i really thought that was it, no more blog.
but ya can`t get rid of me, mwahhhaa.
so after all that i`m now going to have  a catch up.do scroll down though for my final PFP dt card , as i am now on my 6 month break :D

luv coops xxxx


amanda stokes said...

Hi Coops!
Bloomin'ell sounds like a nightmare,thankgod you got it sorted,blogland would'nt be the same without you ;)
Enjoy your evening of catch up,i'm gonna make me a cuppa and settle down to watch the humphrey's corner launch on ideal world in a bit.xx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Coops, had much the same problem when I got home from the weekend last night. I did everything your brother had you doing to no avail. Believe me, I was tearing my hair out and in the end gave up and went to bed - I was just too tired by then to think straight anyway. This morning I was able to access my blog, dashboard, etc., again, what a relief, but for some reason I can't leave comments on some blogs and can't figure out why. Will see what tomorrow brings. Hope yours stays sorted now. Elizabeth x

jackid said...

Hi Nic thanks for comment about tag the flower was inspired by one you did a while ago and I loved how it looked so thanks again for the tip I have a few of them made up now.I had trouble with blogger this morning to I had an invite to another blog and it wouldn't let me log in to get on to it I did the same as you cleared cookies and nothing then all of a sudden it worked so don't know what was going on technolgy huh
Jacki xx

Inkypinkydelights said...

Golly Nic, I would have been in a real panic, not a cluue what to do with computers on the technical side! thank goodness you got it sorted! Sounds like a nice glass of red is in order! And a bar of Aero! lol Judy x

Sandra said...

What a nightmare!! Not good when that happens you automatically think it's your fault probably the computer having a bad day.......lol glad you got it sorted in the end, l'm a little like you with pass word's so then i decided to make myself a note book and used it for my pass words its now my backup.

Mau xx said...

Hi coops,...Mine has been like it on and off since it went down the other week...getting really sick of it now :( when everyone came back last time mine wouldn't let me sign out, but didn't recognise I was signed in either ...lol No Bar on top with sign out and design etc. on.. doesn't change from the sign in bar..grrrrr!!!
write the comment and I suddenly become anon. but won't accept sign in details...on Help button says they are having probs again.

Netty said...

Have had the same problem until it was suggested that I change my browser to Firefox.......after that there were no more problems. It appears there is a bug in Internet Explorer which is causing all these problems. Annette x

Jules said...

Oh no Coops .. .. what a nightmare .. .. and Mr Blogger isn't behaving any better at the moment.

I am really struggling to leave messages etc so if yours is the same then you won't have got much catching up done!!

Hope you haven't pulled all of your hair out!!

Love Jules xx

Mary J said...

Hello coops! We don't want to get rid of you honey! Look forward to *seeing* you when you're back full steam!

Angie said...

Hi coops i think we have all been there, sometimes i think computers have a mind of their own, and do it on purpose. A few months ago we had to do the same thing, twice, it's not a five minute job either but anyway
they are our best friends when the work fine lol.
Hugs Angie x

Hayley said...

I had a meltdown last week with mine too - maybe there's some little gremlin out there bogging us all down! Well done on your final dt card, love it - enjoy your break :o)
Thanks for your lovely comments on my cards too
Hayley xx

Sarah said...

Hi coops, thanks for all the lovely comments you have left on my blog. You are very kind! I've been having problems the last few days leaving comments and am trying Google Chrome now which seems to be working. Good old DoCrafts eh! Someone always knows something. Sarah Almost forgot to say, have been browsing your blog and your cards are just amazing! Your colouring is perfect.