Saturday, 25 June 2011

award time

good afternoon all.not long in from work and need to do lots of stuff around the house but i can`t be bothered, lol.
so instead i will share these 2 blogs awards that i have been lucky to recieve.
heres the first one
i was double lucky to recieve this sweet blog award from 2 fabulous ladies.
Lorraine and click on their names to visit their stunning blogs.
the rules of this award are to share 8 facts about myself , so here they are. starsign is virgo and i`m an august baby.
2.i have a temper, especially 1st thing in a morning, need a cuppa and 10 mins peace before anyone can speak to me.
3.i met my hubby when i was 14 and we have been together nearly 22 years.
4.i always said i didn`t want children but changed my mind as i got closer to 30 and am now a very proud mum of a 7 year old son. biggest heroine is my mum, she bought me and my younger sister and brother up as a single parent from when i was 13.she taught me respect, to work hard, never to have credit save if you want something and most inportantly, she taught me how to be a good mum to my own child.i love you mum :D
6.i was very accident prone as a little un and have  had stitches in my face 4 times and a 3inch skull fracture.lots of sprains and scrapes but touch wood no broken bones. yet ;S
7.i`m a real home bird and am not one for parties and going out.would much rather snuggle up and watch a film or read a good book.
8.i am very shy believe or not and normally use humour and wit with people to hide it :D
apologies if these are facts you already know. hehe.

 and here is my 2nd award.
i recieved this one from the fabulous marie.
do click on maries name to visit her stunning blog.

thankyou ladies for thinking of me when passing your awards on, i really am so grateful.
now i am supposed to pass both these awards on to other people but i`m sure you all know by now that i find that bit the hardest so instead  this award is for all of you, if you are a follower or just a visitor.
you all derserve them so please do help yourselves to the badges ;D
should be back tonight.

luv coops xxx


Janette said...

Hi Nic, congrats on your awards, well deserved sweetie, was interesting reading all about you, never would have said you were shy it's nice to have your Mam as a hero, I always did too...well still

Sandra said...

Congratulations on your not one but two awards!! well deserved......:) Sandra H

Faye said...

I love reading your facts! I am the same in the morning and with hiding shyness with humour I do that when I'm nervous too! xxx

cardmaking bird said...

Awww, thanks Nic. V interesting facts about you and so sweet to hear the way you talk about your mum. My mum is pretty amazing too TBH! And talking of heroes - I've just been to this fun day thing down at Woolwich Barracks and as we walked in Sam said to me 'oh look, there's that bloke off dancing on ice' and I'm like 'where, where?', so he pointed and it was Johnson Beharry!!!!! I got a photo of him and he looked v handsome in his uniform. Such an amazing man!! Hugs, Marie xxx

Donna Mosley said...

Well done Nic on these fab awards, you really do deserve them and many more. :o)

Donna x

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations Nic on your awards - both well deserved. Enjoyed reading your facts about yourself and a lump came to my throat when I read how you felt about your mum - mine died 7 years ago but never a day goes by when I don't think of her, my best friend and a hero to me too. Elizabeth x

Anonymous said...

Ah i knew all of those things about you CC! One thing i do wanna know though.......have you got to grips with the crocheting yet? I have tried for about 3 yrs and given up,started,given up and....given up!

Well done you on the awards and thank you for my comment on my chocolate card xx

Delphine said...

Congratulations on your awards, Coops, very well deserved:-)! Hugs Delphine xx

Juls said...

beautiful and elegant!! Love the embossing!!! Hugs Juls

Sarah said...

Hi ya, have been wandering around your blog playing catch-up after being awol for awhile. Your cards are, as always, just gorgeous (wish I had your skill with the promarkers!), but I decided to comment on this post as I like learning more about the people who blog. I'm a right nosy so and so! It was lovely to read a bit about you, and I can relate to the bit about children - although it wasn't so much not wanting with me, more a buried knowledge that I would need help. They are such a responsibility, aren't they - but so rewarding and it's just wonderful to hear someone shout out 'mum' and it's you! Best wishes, Sarah