Monday, 18 July 2011

good morning

good morning all.well it is STILL persisting it down with rain.someone up there in the sky needs to switch the shower off :D
well its stocktake day today so am not in work until friend is picking my son up from school and dropping him off to my mum at work.
have had another bad nights sleep with my back so have been the doctors yet again!!!! this morning.
my right side has gone to pot :D
my back and shoulder are all hurting, my job is very manual so its me own fault,.lol
its the same old muscles that i keep pulling and twisting
i have now been given very strong ibuprofen tablets that are only on prescription, ah lovely :S
so have stuck me heat pad on and going get me tabs soon.
i will see ya later hopefully with a card, not sure what time i will finish.should be around 7pm, fingers crossed.
apologies in advance if i don`t get round to commenting on everyones blogs.
have a fabulous day :D
luv coops xxx


Andrea C said...

Hope you feel better soon and fingers crossed you get a good nights sleep tonight. x

nicolet said...

Hope you feel better soon!
Hugs Nicolet

Lee said...

Oooooh i have an idea of how you must be feeling hun,not nice is it.You take care now.Gentle

Sue said...

Ahh my poor Nic,hope the tablets keep working.I was like that in my job.Take it easy.
Hugs Sue xx

Sarpreet said...

o dear,sounds like you should have the day off work.

Sally said...

Hi Nic, oh I do feel for you with your bad back. My hubby suffers terribly from strained muscles every so often so I understand how much pain you are in. Let's hope the new tabs give you some relief. Hope to see you later.
Sally x

Debs M said...

hope the painkillers work x

Anonymous said...

Awwwww hope the tablets help hun!!!
Gentle hugs..

Angel xxxxx

Marion said...

Oh Coops, Nothing worse than a bad back. Hope that it soon improves. The medication should help.

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

OH hun hope you feel better soon! I take them along with tramacet for my arthritis n they make ya feel all floaty light!! lol I love um!!
take care missus
hugs shell xx
ps yup I'm fed up of this ack weather, want to atke Charl out but I hate wet dawgy smell!

Creations by Shirl said...

Hi Coops~
Hope you feel better real soon, just take it easy and try to get some rest..

Christine L said...

Yuck..... i hate being in pain so I hope you feel better soon! Watch out those tabs don't upset your tummy..... they always do with me!
Christine x

Mina said...

oh you poor thing Nic...I hope the painkillers work
Mina xxx

Tracy xx said...

Hi Coops,
thanks for commenting on my blog! Hope you feel better soon!
Tracy xx

Tracy xx said...

Hi coops,
Thnks for your comment on my blog!. Hope you feel better soon!
Tracy xx

sue said...

hi coops
hope the tablets work & you feel better soon sue xx