Thursday, 15 September 2011

what no card?

good evening all.sorry but i have nothing to share tonight.time has gone too fast today.i have been to see my mum and spoilt her with pressies and cards and shes out for an anniversary meal now.
i then managed to spend some of my birthday money,i got a grey hooded jumper (love hoodies,lol) and a tartan shirt/half jumper combo.hard to explain.
oh and horror in the changing rooms.i really want a new pair of skinny jeans, now i have really skinny calves and ankles  but am quite chunky on the thighs.the skinnys i am wearing at the mo are a size 10.
so i looked at these lovely skinny jeans and thought i`ll try an 8 cos they look big and a 10.
oh dear, the size 8 wouldn`t go past my knees, lol and the size 10 wouldn`t go up past my thighs.
well the changing room lady was flabbergasted and said they must be a small fit, off i trot to get a size 12 and OMG, yes i got them then they were no longer skinny jeans from the knees down but baggy and the thighs and butt.well lets just say i`m glad noone could see me trying to fit my butt into them or trying to get it out.honestly they looked like they had been painted on they were that tight.
so no luck with jeans, i will save my pennies for another day.
picked little man up from school and we took him swimming before he starts with school on monday.
i stood and watched from behind glass though as i cannot go in to chlorine water because of my eczema.he had armbands on but am really proud as he managed to swim 3 widths and didn`t want to come out :D
so enough of me waffle i now need a very late bite to eat and its work early in the morning
so apologies for no card but i hope i gave you a laugh with my skinny jeand
have a fabulous evening and i hope to have something crafty to share with you tomorrow.
luv coops xxxx


jackid said...

No I didn't laugh at your jean saga I know only to well what it's like when I was at work I was under 7 1/2 stone and was inbetween a 8 and 10 and it was awful trying to jeans or any trousers infact to fit a 10 went over my hios but hung off my waiste and an 8 well it fit in the waisdte but I couldn't get them to go over my bum Amy has the same trouble too she is 19 and only 4"10 she is a size 8 m ainly but can't get the length she needs for her to get the length she has to fit into an age 14/15 yrs but then she can't get them over her bum
so I totally understand the frustration glad you had a great time with your mom and I expect to see 2 cards tomoz lol
Jacki xx

Chrissy said...

Oh! Coops, how annoying...I am the opposite..I have no bum..pants always hang off me and thats no fun either. No bum, skinny thighs and ankles.We are never happy eh!
Put me in skinny jeans I look like a craft instead.


chris richards said...

Hi Nic, sometimes life gets in the way !
Now I have a puppy, I dont get any time to myself.....I'll be glad when he's a bit better trained and I can trust him, without having to watch him every second
Look forward to your next wonderful creation dear friend
love and hugs
chris richards

Pink Dandelion said...

Hi Nic, you painted a great picture of your jean palava lol. I hate shopping for jeans, my favourites I've had for years and dread the day when they pop their clogs 'cos I know I won't find another pair like them. Take Care Debs xx

sandy's crafty bits said...

ooo glad you have had a good day nic :) but missed your cards ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Hi Coops, glad you managed to buy something anyway. Love hoodies too. Marianne x

Denise and Louise said...

Your skinny jeans palava really did give me a laugh and well done to your little one for swimming 3 widths.
Denise xx

Teresa said...

Now that's why I hate shopping for clothes, that happens to me all the time lol, it's only been since I started crafting, I don't get the excercise that I used to get, oh well more money for crafting :o)
Sounds like your little man loves the water that's a good start for him, wish him luck with his school swimming lessons from me. Hope you have a good day tomorrow and a lovely weekend (crafting maybe?)
Take care, hugs Teresa xx

nnalorac said...

Too old for skinnys Coops, my problem's my bum, never fill the trousers out, hang like tatty sacks! More often or not I have to take them in once i get them home. Pleased to hear your little man enjoyed his dip. Carolxx

xGemmax said...

Im sorry sweetie but i had to laugh at your skinny jeans palava & good luck to your little boy for his swimming lessons...sounds like he will do quite well sweetie as he's half way there already!!
hugs and xxx

Ella's Design said...

Your jean story did make me smile and I think reminds us all of a similar moment! Though for me, it had to remind me of the time DH put on my eldest son's jeans by mistake (it was my mistake, as I'd put them in his drawer!) skin tight half masts - not a good look! Ha, ha! So glad to hear little man enjoyed his swimming and I'm sure he'll take to it like a duck to water! Wish him luck from me! Lisa X

Sue said...

Hee hee! Did make me chuckle Coops! The blooming sizes are all over the place these days, I don't think they can measure anymore LOL I do all my clothes shopping online now. Just send them back if they don't fit. Best fitting jeans I ever got were some Skinny ones from Peacocks. Bought them online not expecting them to fit but they were perfect! :-))
Aww so glad your little man enjoyed the swimming - he did really well doing 3 widths!! that will give him some confidence!
Have a good day tomorrow!
Hugs Sue xx

Mags said...

It sounds to me like the jeans were designed wrong! Better luck next time!

luv, Mags x

carol said...

oh i hate trying clothes on best of time, hope you find some eventually, have a lovely weekend, x carol

Lee said...

i am laughing me socks off sorry hun,just got this picture in me head of you Lol.Well done Jack.I can't go in chlorinated water either,was given a barrier cream ages ago,but can't be faffed hee hee.I like those half jumper/shirt type tops.Hugs xx

Sarah said...

Ha, a size 10!! I wish I was, will never see that size again - no matter how much SlimFast I sink!!! I blame it all on having the baby (not that I'm lazy, oh no - not at all). On a sensible note though, I used to love clothes shopping not now - what have they done to the sizing! And it's not just adults either - Emily's clothes range from a 3-4 to a 5-6 yr old and she's 4 and a bit! What is that all about? Glad your sons' swimming is going well. Sarah

Arline said...

Oh dear...hope you manage to find some skinny jeans hun! When I am looking for something specific I can never find it, but when I am broke I find everything I want! Lol!xx

Christine L said...

No card -- no worries! And I did smile at your tale... Can imagine the dressing room scene.. I was with my daughter when she tried something similar on and got stuck! Lol!
Christine x

Sally said...

Crumbs, I know how you feel about getting jeans to fit properly. Since I've been out of work I've put on a bit of weight & my size 10 jeans are a tad tight. So off I trot to get some 12's but they're too big! Size 11 anyone? lol. So pleased to hear that your little man enjoyed his swimming.
Sally x