Thursday, 27 October 2011

good morning

hello all.well it has been persisting it down with rain since 5 this morning but has turned more to drizzle now.
not sure what was going on with my blog yesterday but the blooming thing wasn`t loading and kept freezing.i had added my blog list back but had to remove it fingers crossed you are able to view my ramblings today :D
just to say i am a little behind in commeting  but its my hubbys day off today so we are going out christmas shopping, got to start as its creeping up too fast for my liking. i am still on my hols though so i will catch up with you all later.
have a fab day whatever you have planned
luv coops xxx


Sweetncrafty Gal said...

raining here too coops! boo! staying in the warm today crafting away! hope you get some lovely xmas gifts!!! and dont forget the biiigggg hints to hubby! lol xxx

xxxtglxxx said...

Hope you had a really great day xmas shopping :) (I try to do as much online as I can living so far from the shops!) lol.

Now, your blog settings, it might just be me or my pc - but its really wide and kind of off the page, so not all of it is displayed. :) Dont know why that would happen though, unless the layout settings have been increased?



Jenna said...

Whoa--Christmas shopping. It just hit me that I need to start getting lists together . . . I've barely given it any thought, but I like to get mine done nice and early so that I can relax during the actual holiday!

Creations by Shirl said...

You are so lucky to get ahead start on your Christmas shopping...
I guess we all need to take advantage of good bargains when they are available yeh? Anywho your treat bag for lil man is so so cute and wow he sure has alot of yummies in their too.....