Tuesday, 29 November 2011


hello all.i have had to make an appointement with the dentist today as i was awake last night in agony and the painkillers are no longer fully getting rid of the pain of where my impacted wisdom was removed.the other tooth that was removed is fine.
i phoned the dentists just to ask their advice as to whether i should still be in pain and they have advised me to go and see them tomorrow just to be on the safe side.
the gum is mainly pink but i have a red swollen bit at the very back so am presuming its infected.
so i`m now gonna sit in my corner and create something to take me mind of the discomfort.
see ya all laters :D
luv coops xx


Jane said...

Ouch! Take it easy and I hope you get it all sorted out tomorrow xoxo

Denise and Louise said...

Oh poor you - hope the dentist sorts it out very soon.
Denise xx

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Coops, sorry to hear you are struggling after your work on your teeth. It might be the case that something not so good is going on but when I had my surgery in March I was told I could have severe problems with pain for up to two weeks. I had the surgery on the Monday lunchtime after work but then took Wednesday and Friday as leave as there was no way I could leave the house as my face was so swollen and I was in so much pain. It's certainly best though to get it looked at though. After the intial day of surgery I was then rubbing in Tea Tree Oil into all the infected area. When I saw my own dentist a few weeks later he was amazed to see how good it looked. Maybe it something you might want to try. You can get it at most chemists. It's a wonderful thing to keep in with little one having bumps and tumbles - just mix it with a bit of cream for any grazes etc and within a few days the grazes will be healing. Sending you lots of cyber hugs as I know the pain you are going through. Take care, Kym xxx

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear that you're still suffering Coops. i think you're doing the right thing in getting it checked out as it's better to be safe than sorry. I hope you manage to have a comfortable night tonight.
Look forward to seeing what you create.
Sarah xx :0)

Sarah said...

Oh Nic, I'm sorry your recovery isn't going to plan. Hopefully the dentist will be able to fix it for you tomorrow. Looking forward to your next creation!

Did you get some of the Saturated Canary digis with the discount code yesterday? I ended up with quite a few and am just waiting for the email to come through!


Vicky said...

Oh Coops sorry to hear you are still in pain hun....hopefully when you get your antibiotics you will feel a lot better...

take care and big hugs Vicky xx

xxxtglxxx said...

Aww :( Hope they can sort it out hun. Maybe just some anti-biotics or something if its infected. Hopefully it will clear up fast :)



Christine L said...

Oooh ouch Nic... yes you're better going to get it checked out... Hope they can sort it quickly for you! Back to those dreaded salt water rinses maybe???
Christine x

melsanford said...

Oh dear :-( I hope it's not infected.... Feel better soon! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

coldwaters2 said...

Oh no how rotten for you Nic I am sure by the time I have read all your posts that things are looking better and the pain gone.
Lorraine x