Thursday, 24 November 2011


morning all.
just a quickie before i rush out the door for work.
i`d like to thank you all so much for all the hugs for little man, he is now on top form and went back to school yesterday.
my last shift for this week at work as its d day tomorrow.
going to pig out on lots of nice things today, have just munched my way through some shortbread, yum :D
catch ya laters.
luv coops xxxx


Ella's Design said...

Glad to hear little man is back, fighting fit and enjoy your day of indulgence! Good luck with everything tomorrow and I hope you have a speedy recovery afterwards! Hugs, Lisa x

Sue said...

Hi Coops, Yes, enjoy some nice food today!! I'm sure it will all go ok tomorrow. I know it doesn't really help but try and think it will soon be over with and you can then look forward to Christmas !!
Big Hugs!
Sue xx

Jacq said...

Hi Coops,
Good to hear Little Man is 100% ...Good Luck for tomorrow...Will be thinking of you...Sending Hugs and Well wishes your way Coops.
Hugs Jacqui xxx

Sue said...

Hi Nic,so glad your little man is better,just had a tooth out so I will be thinking of you.
Hugs Sue xx

Janette said...

You do make me smile little man is back to normal and that your fine too, hope you had a good day.xx

Lou said...

Hi!thats lovely to hear about your little one and i really hope all goes well for you tomorrow.
take care Coops,hugs Lou.xx

Christine L said...

Good luck for you tomorrow Nic.. Will be thinking of you...

And mmmmmmm to that shortbread!
Christine x

Andria said...

Glad he's back to normal, good luck for tomorrow. You will be in recovery and home before you know it, taking it easy and getting lots of lovely crafting in. (Hugs) x

coldwaters2 said...

Lol, oh Nic that is what love is all about, you lucky lady can't wait to see the stamp and the magic that you do.
Lorraine x

Chrissy said...

The great thing about kids, is they are like rubber balls....they bounce back so quick..all the best for tomorrow, you will be fine, but do play on it if necessary...until all the chores are done at care.