Sunday, 26 February 2012

at last the sun is out

Good afternoon was a grey start here this morning but the sun has finally shown his face so i`ve pegged my last load of washing out onlyto find some cheeky blighter has been around the back of my shed and nicked one of my line props.i am going to have to keep them inside the house i think.i`ve brought about 10 all together last summer cos someone keeps taking them.
i have a pork joint in the oven and veggies ready to prepare.ironing is done. floors mopped and windows wide open now i just need to find some mojo to make a card.i`m feeling a little dispondent with my card making at the know sometimes you sit and think if your cards are all too samey and boring.ah well i`m gonna have good old nosey through my stash and try and kick start the creativity.
hope to see you all later.
enjoy the dry weather ;D
luv coops xxx


Aunty Sue said...

Oh Coops what cheeky b they are mine is hanging as speak dog walked ironing hiding lol. Nothing wrong with your mojo to me can we swop was feeling the same don't help that my craft area looks like a bomb has hit it. Really should be more tidier but don't like throwing things away that scrap of paper I might need next week. Enjoy your pork chicken for me with some nice stuffing and veg. Xx

Debs M said...

some people will steal anything...your making me feel bad with all your h work..well i suppose i did mine yesterday, enjoy your day x

Karen said...

Wow you have been busy. I love your style of cards, they are all fabulous and you give such inspiration to all us crafters. Keep up the good work. xx

Viv's Visuals said...

I'm suffering too Coops - haven't done anything for a week and the stuff I made in the week before that has just left me even more depressed! If you find your Mojo can you send me some please???? x

Lee said...

Cheeky devil,you will have to rig up a mini camera to catch them.

Dinner sounds yummy.

Nic your cards are NEVER samey,if i had half your talent i'd be happy.Hugs xxx

Susan Flynn said...

Your cards are never boring or samey Coops!! Enjoy your roast dinner sounds yummy x

Joey said...

Sweetie your cards are never samey, you are a true inspiration!!!!!!!!!! Joey xx

Anonymous said...

Nic, your cards are NEVER samey or boring - how can you even think it?! Look to your right and you will see 504 followers - you don't get those being samey or boring my love! You're AMAZING! So chin up, munch your yummy roast pork dinner and get in your cluttered corner. Will be back to see you later!

Sarah said...

Hi Nic, sorry to hear that someone is being a pest and nicking your line props.

Do you know I was going pop a post onto my blog later about loosing my mojo as well! Was going to ask what people do to find it again - I really have no inspiration at all at the moment.

Your cards are great though, don't think they are too samey at all.


Sue Thompson said...

Hiya coops, what a busy day you have had, me too, no time to play with colouring or card making, just waiting for the roasties to finish then off for eat, with have Lamb :).
Your cards are beautiful, and you have your own style so if something works then don't break it. Get making more cards girl :).
Suzie xx

catherine said...

This is just how I have been feeling lately and I am going to start on a new adventure. The link is in my blog post. I hope next week people will like a little different from me. Hang in there it will come back and you will find a happy medium again. Don't give up and hide your washing poles!!
x catherine

xxxtglxxx said...

Who nicks line props??? :( tut. At least its not your undies! lol.

Luckily for me I only have cows and sheep nearby, so I could leave anything out, but I have had white towels blow away before only to be trampled on in the mud! :D



Louise said...

I Know how you are feeling I have had a little break because I was feeling the same about my cards but your cards are gorgeous and not all the same and I always admire your wonderful colouring and they are certainly not boring.
Hugs louise xx

*Jellie* said...

Sorry to hear about your stuff getting stolen.
I head over here for my inspiration- don't find your cards samey or boring! When my mojo hides I head over to some challenges and choose something to push me out of my comfort zone. Another thing that helps me is to choose an unusual shape card or fold that I don't use often as it gets me thiking again. Or a personal challenge too shop your stasj or use at least 1 recycled object or use a different colour every day or whatever you fancy!
That said your cards look as good as ever to me! x