Friday, 10 February 2012

what a day

Hello all.Cor blimey what a day.was up at 6 as hubby was going to work and warned me how bad it was on the pavements and roads.he was not kidding.i don`t think i have ever seen such thick ice coating everywhere.i checked the school notice to say they were closed,that was half 8.little man is ready and i`m ready for mum phones at quarter to 9 to say is the school open,i checks again on the website and its shut,hubby is at work too, arrgghhhhhhhh.
so i had to take my little man to my mums work, good job shes the manager.i don`t know how we got there and little/big man were a like an unlikely duo for dancing on ice.
i was holding on to his hand so tight and trying not to slide myself.
ah but home in one piece now but some pavements and roads are still really icy.
i hope you are all warm and safe :D
then my brother has now asked me to make a valentines card for him,arggghhh.good job i love him.

catch ya laters.
stay safe.

luv coops xx


annies place said...

Stay safe, we've had our share, so far much milder but drizzle & fog, roll on summer.
Good luck with the Valentine.
Ann x

Rebekah said...

Crazy stuff Nic we luckily had an inset day today so no school anyway but then we haven't had any ice or snow either. It's always crazy like that juggling work and school glad you are home safe. Hugs rebekah xx

Squirrel x said...

Oh hun, I'm glad you were careful! It is still so icy here - in some places I don't think the snow has melted at all, our back garden is still under a blanket. A lot of the roads are dreadful and as for the pavements .....!!! Stay warm sweetie. Hugs Sxx

Vanessa (aka V'ness, Nessa, oldschool) said...

glad u r ok :)

Toulouse31 said...

Its very icy here too, -10 later.. flaming cold taking my little fluffy pup out for a wee, amazing she does not freeze her B*m to the ice!
I love your distressing edges, where did you get your tool from?
X Donna

Lee said...

Ooooooerrrr not a nice day,just glad you are all ok.No snow or ice here,just wet.We have been so lucky so far in North Cornwall.Take care hun.Huggles xxxx

Linda said...

Thanks for all the comments on my blog Coops, without you my blog will be very lonely lol x

Elaine said...

It's been really cold here all week, and we still have the remnants of the snow that fell last Saturday.
It did snow a tiny bit this morning but nothing much.
However, the rain we've had has made the pavements treacherous!
I am not stepping foot outside this weekend!
Stay warm and safe Nic
Hugs Elaine xx

Aunty Sue said...

Hi Nic yes really cold here and some of the side streets are still like ice but thankfully the roads are ok and the schools are open. Take care and stay warm

pinky said...

Oh sounds too slippery for me Coops, be careful.

Sarah said...

Hi Nic, just seen this post. Glad you and l/b man are OK - been watching on news all the people at A&Es with broken this and sprained that from the ice!

Luckily the snow we had last night has mostly melted away now. They reckon tho that we will be getting more next week.


Jennifer said...

Hi Nic. Being from your neck of the wood I know full well how treacherous the roads & pavements were today here n stoke. Hubby called me from work at 7am to let me know how bad it was.He told me to stop in and keep the kids home. I decided to take them though as it didn't look too bad through the window. OMG, never been so scared! Saw so many accidents & ambulances on the school run. Bet their are loads of bruised bums in Stoke this evening xx Jenny xx

rosie said...

hope no one slipped!! we had no ice and no snow so we are very lucky.
hope you are all keeping warm x

Arline said...

Ooh it was exactly the same here...whereabout are you hun? I'm in Stoke and it was terrible!! I slipped over going up the drive...couldn't stop laughing as I just looked like Bambi as I couldn't get up lmao! Not sure my neighbours found it funny at 7am!xx

Lou said...

The pavements and roads by me are still bad, so I have been told, I have not been out! lol can you imagine wheelchair dancing on ice, i don't think so lol its a pain when the schools shut and you still have to work, I always used to moan at my sister in-law who's a teacher lol Thank goodness for Mum's! Lou xxx