Sunday, 29 April 2012

oooooooo now that was close

Oh my word.have i ever told you what a complete prat i
as you know my craft space is in the corner of the living room and when my laptop is off, its kept on the floor on a laptray just in front of my tiny craft i  have done this a few times but today i did it big style.i was at my craft table and reached to the side and the table and everything on it, ncluding my heavy daylight lamp all tipped forward and landed with the biggest thud on to my closed laptop.
talk about bricking it, i was really expecting a cracked laptop screen as it is a thin model but thank goodness i am still here.
i just had to boot my laptop up just to see if it works and its all looking tickety boo.
note to self, store laptop somewhere else from now on, starting now.
apologies too for being a little behind at the mo, but i have lots going on  but hopefully things will settle down a little soon.
enjoy the rest of your day, we`re having a PJ day as its not too nice out, very high winds and rain.
catch you later
luv coops xx


shampylou30 said...

glad your laptops ok sue xxxxx

Catherine said...

Lol, glad its all ok.....

jackid said...

That was a close one so glad to no damage was had it's awful here to but then we aren't that far away from each other so that's maybe why enjoy rhe rest of your PJ day
Jacki xx

Pink Dandelion said...

Phew that was definitely a close one lol. Hope you are still enjoying your PJ day. One of my fence panels has just gone for a burton in these high winds, taking my bird table with it. Debs xx

sandy's crafty bits said...

oooo well you woulda been in trouble lol ... glad all ok nic ... hope you are not washed away its horrid down here in waterlooville ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

Tags said...

Glad your laptop's ok! I'm always knocking things over at my craft area too :P

Tags xx

Linda w said...

Scary, glad it was ok in the end....I'd be lost without mine lol. Hugs lin


Wow, you lucky person Coops. It looks like someone was def looking down on you today!!!

Brilliant new cards - fabulous colouring and layout as always! Hope you win your challenges.
Love Janine XXX

TC said...

Lol. Sorry Coops but u did make me chuckle with an opening blog statement of calling yourself a Prat!Bless u. Phew, close call. Glad it's ok, and hopefully sitting in a safe place now.
Here, here to a PJ day, it's proper grotty out there. x

Sally said...

A very lucky escape there Nic, I'm glad all is OK. Not nice here either.
Sally x

Sue said...

Hi hun
phew that was close glad the lappy is ok, i had pj day to lazy bugger eh, lol, sue,x

Fiona said...

phew Nic...that was a close one!! A PJ day sounds fab...might have one of those this week when I am off!!


tilly said...

nice to see you are still with us! lol

Sarah said...

I carry my lappy around from room to room and I'm bound to drop it one day, I'm sure! That would be just typical for me!!

Glad it's survived the bang, would miss your gorgeous cards.


Vicky said...

Close call there!!! Did I mention the time I dropped my mobile phone down the loo....? Never worked again :(

hugs Vicky x x x

Ladock girl said...

Glad your laptop is ok. I'm not lucky enough to have a craft room either so know exactly how you feel. Perhaps one day we may both get the space we need. I find it sooooo hard to be creative when I've got to keep getting things out and then packing everything away all the time. Love Linda xx

Crafty Chris said...

Wow he is a must have luv him, a fantastic card and fab colours, tg your lappy is ok.
Chris x

Mary J said...

whew!!! Thank goodness your laptop was ok!

I stayed in all day too - bloomin' awful weather!

xxxtglxxx said...

Deffo a close shave that! I have seen someone sit on theirs and what a mess! I store my wee netbook on its side, but I am lucky, we have 4 other computers in this house and a laptop! :)

We have had glorious sunny weather here this weekend. Hope the rain is doing some good though :)



Sue said...

Ooh glad your laptop is ok Coops! I am doing stuff like that all the time - I'm SO clumsy!!

I have to insure everything!!! LOL
Love Sue xx