Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Pics of my bedroom

Good evening all.Back at last with pics of our bedroom.My new curtains, bedding, runner and cushions were a pressie for my birthday from my mum and stepdad.i could of done with ironing the curtains and runner but am too scared of burning them.lol
they are a lovely champagne colour with black.not taken pics of the side where my wardrobes are cos there is a pile of ironing on the floor waiting to be put away.lol.i am sure you don`t want to see my hubbys pants,hehe
So here they are
Pic as seen from the door.the whole room has had to be rejigged so our wardrobes are not in the alcoves as this was causing the damp.my side of the bed used to face the door and on the 1st night sleeping the new way i got up for the loo and walked into the wall.lol
not got my tiebacks up yet either.
Blurry pic of the bed, you can see my book on hubbys bedside cabinet.
we still need new furniture too.

A close up of the duvet, its got this lovely stitched pattern and also on the pillowcases.the curtains are plain.

And the cushions.the runner is plain black and is a velvet type material.the duvet also has a black trim at the top.
Am now on the lookout for a nice chandelier type light fitting and then some nice niknaks :D
thanks for looking.
Hugs Coops.xx


Tanya said...

Beautiful bedroom Coops, looks fancy out! Love the black and champagne colour together, so elegant!

Tags x

Marie-Louise said...

Lovely room. Love the duvet cover.

Sandra H said...

That's beautiful Coops the beding and curtains are gorgeous and the decor is stunning too so nicly finished and thank you for sharing this x

Jennifer said...

It's beautiful Nic. The colours are a bit like what we've done our living room in recently but our wall paper is the other way round, pale background with black flowers. You must be really pleased....all worth it! xx Jenny xx

Larissa said...

Your bedroomis really beautiful. I hope you didn't hurt yourself when you bumped into the wall.


Julie said...

Wow, Nic, this is fantastic, so rich and luxurious!! Hugs, Juliexx

Sue - bearhouse said...

WOW!! I LOVE your colour scheme and your duvet cover looks wonderful.
You did make me chuckle though, walking into the wall instead of the toilet, I hope you weren't hurt!

hugs Sue

pinky said...

Its gorgeous, it looks like it will be a nice relaxing space to sleep. Love that wallpaper too. The stitching on the bedclothes is so intricate. Health to enjoy it Coops and hope you don't get too many more bumps in the night lol.

Denise and Louise said...

Your bedroom looks gorgeous Coops - love that stunning duvet cover.
Denise xx

Doreen said...

Your bedroom looks wonderful Coops...do you want to come round and do mine.xxx

Loopylou. said...

oh it looks beautiful hun, just gorgeous. I love the duvet cover
huge hugs Lou xxx

Lou said...

Hi! it looks really lovely,the stitching is so pretty Coops.
hugs Lou.xx

Anonymous said...

Wow, all your hardwork has paid off, it's looks very plush and cosy. Love the detail on your bedding.

Had to laugh at you walking into the wall, sorry but also have done that, it's a horrid feeling waking and not knowing where you are!

Big hugs xx

Susan Flynn said...

It looks lovely coops - sweet dreams!

Deb said...

it is gorgeous, love the stitching on your duvet! It matches perfectly with the wallpaper!

Janet - aka stacky said...

Wow how lovely does your bedroom look!! all your hard work paid off x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Coops, the finished room is beautiful and must feel very luxurious - somewhere cosy to escape to too. Elizabeth xx

Anita said...

Wow, it looks gorgeous Coops. I especially love the detailed stitching on the duvet - lovely!

xxxtglxxx said...

What a fantastic job Nic! :)

You have a real eye for pattern and colour and this looks so luxurious and glamorous! :)

I always have to sleep facing the window, but I regularly walk into walls and doors - there are no street lights on a farm and night time is black! :)

Enjoy the beautiful changes you have made to your home, you deserve it after all the hard work!



Christine L said...

Wowww Nic... it's looks fab!! I love that duvet cover in particular... with all that top stitching!

Check out BHS for lighting... they have a fab range and often with sale prices!

Christine x

Jackie said...

Two gorgeous cards since I was last here, and your bedroom looks great :o)
Jackie xx

Marilyn said...

Great colours and doesn't it feel good to have it finally done? I really like the bedding you chose - very classy!

melsanford said...

Oh beautiful! I really must get started on our spare room..... :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

Lau W said...

Oh your bedroom is wonderful, love the black and champagne, wow !
Superb !
I know what it is to make a wall, hihi, it hurts loool !! oops !

Sue said...

Wow! it looks stunning Coops... love the beautiful duvet and cushions... hope you find a nice chandelier light... it would finish it off beautifully! :-))
Love and Hugs
Sue xx

coldwaters2 said...

Wow Nic it looks really sumptuous love the decor
lorraine x

Linda w said...

Love your bedroom, it's beautiful...the duvet is stunning...I want one lol Hugs lin

June Nelson said...

OOOh its very rich and choocy boxy love it, and love the pattern on the quilt too, gorgeous,big huggies June xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Oooh, gorgeous!! Enjoy!

Lee said...

All your hard work has paid off,you must be so proud doing it all yourself,I am useless at decorating lol,luckily Glyn is brilliant.Love the colour combo and the duvet so pretty.Well done you,it's beautiful.Hugs xx

Sarah said...

Wow, your room looks amazing!

jules said...

Oh very grand Coops i love the colour and the bedding is beautiful!.
My bedroom is a craft room with a bed in it!!! lol!!!

Alessandra said...

that looks so cosy, love your wall paper too! once it is fully furnished you don't want to leave your bed LOL!
Hugs, Alessandra