Thursday, 3 July 2014

Piriton haze

Good morning all.
I hope you are all well.
No card from me today, i had all good intentions last night but instead i had to dose myself with piriton.
I don`t know if you remember the rash i had a few weeks ago which i did not know the cause of.................well now i do because it is back all over my arms, legs and shoulders.It is very red, raised, itchy and sore hence last night i had to take some piriton syrup which makes me very drowsy if not asleep, hence no card today.
I do now know though that the culprit is a well known skin brands body moisturiser gel.I googled the said product last night and i am shocked that this is still being sold.It has bad reviews going back to 2011 with many people getting a severe allergic reaction.
It is now residing at the bottom of the bathroom bin and now i just need to get my skin back to normal which took about 3 weeks last time :(
On a happier note, its my laddos sports day today.He is competing in 2 activities, he thinks lol.
So i am off armed with my camera and fruity nibbles.
I will catch you all later.
Thanks for popping by :D
Lotsa Hugs


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon Nic take care
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  2. thats okay dear, hope you get well.
    see you soon again

  3. Oooh sounds nasty, Coops! Hope you feel better soon! Hugs! xx

  4. Hope you feeling better soon Nic, we love this weather but don't like what it brings with it. Glad you've put the moisturiser in the bin. Have a great day at your sons sports day..Hugs Lozzy xx

  5. Oh Nic your poor skin again.Keep taking the tablets,Hope you feel less itchy soon.
    Have a fab time today.
    Hugs Sue xx

  6. Ooo Poor You - my Mum used to get terrible reactions from certain brands of hairspray so I know how bad you must be feeling.. itching is terrible and you feel like cack don't you? Hope it subsides soon Coops.. and hope your boy does well at his sports day!

  7. Oh dear, sounds as if you are suffering you poor love, I do hope the medicine soon does the trick and you get your skin back to normal.
    Enjoy your day at the school sports, I do hope he wins!
    Hugs Jacee
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  8. Poor nic. Hope your skin is better sooner rather than later. Best of luck to your laddo on his sports day. Michelle x

  9. Ohhh this sounds awful, I hope your skin recovers soon and that you can minimise the discomfort. Enjoy the sports day if you can keep out of the sun.

  10. Take care Coops and so glad you found out who or what the culprit was..have fun on sports day..

    luv CHRISSYxx

  11. Oh so sorry to hear this Coops hope it clears quickly and hope you had a great day at the laddo's sports day xx

  12. Oh dear Nic, I hope that rash is soon cleared up. It's amazing wjet 'they' get away with nowadays!!! :o)
    Jackie xx

  13. Coops, hope you are feeling better soon. This year seems to be a hard one thus far for people with allergies. Not sure why.

    Congratulations by the way:

    Enjoy picking your prizes.


  14. Oh hunnie that's not good, I hope your back to normal soon
    Enjoy his sportday

    Have a great weekend
    Hugs Shell xx

  15. At least now you know what has caused the rash. Throw it in the bin quick!

  16. OMG! just seen this hope your feeling better now xx


Thanks so much for you comment.xx