Monday, 8 December 2014

Comment moderation.

Good evening all.
Just to say that it is blogger that seems to having issues today.
I have some comments asking me to switch of word verification and it is switched to NO in my settings but blogger seems to be overriding my settings.
Apologies for anyone commenting but i can`t do anything as it already set to NO word verification in my settings.
Lotsa shivering hugs


  1. right i have changed to using an inbedded comment box for now but hopefully blogger will sort himself out and i will go back to the pop up option.xx

  2. It's been doing it to everyone today Nic and then seemed to right itself, hugs Susan x

  3. Having the same problem Nic, but you can still comment without filling it in, it still posts the comment, that's what I've found anyway
    Hugs Jacee
    Simply Paper Card Design

  4. thanks jacee it does indeed work.just ignore the word verification everyone and click publish as normal.xx

  5. Same problem hunny - perhaps it's a Christmas present from Blogger! Give me the receipt, I want to exchange it. Hugs xx

  6. l came across it too on plenty of the blogs l was commenting on and l think it's blogger hopefully it will get sorted soon x

  7. I have had the same problem will try testing it out
    Kevin xx

  8. thanks to jacee :D, you do not have to type in the word verification bit just click publish comment as normal and it works.xx

  9. Same here coops, mine is set to no, and no doubt others are. It's a real pain, can't imagine what Blogger is playing at!
    Jackie xx


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