Friday, 9 January 2015

mmmmmm minestrone.

Good afternoon all.
I hope you are all well.
Sorry there is no card today and i am in work soon so no card tomorrow either.
I seem to be losing the crafting/blogging urge at the mo, think its just all the hours i did at Christmas, so now on my days off i am being really lazy :S
I did make a yummy slimming world minestrone soup yesterday though which i am now having the leftovers for my dinner :D
I will hopefully be back with a card on Sunday, even if i have to strap myself into my new crafting chair.
Lotsa Hugs


  1. Hi Nic. Hey, I am loving your recent makes. It is aweful when the mojo takes a hike, and it probably happens to us all over Christmas etc. How about doing one of your lovely fancy shapes? I bet if you look through your old make photos there will be some inspiration there! I always love those images from Crafts and Me that you use too. Judy x

  2. I have been utterly awful at keeping up with blogs and making anything for about 2 months, just don't seem to have the time or energy at the mo :-( I have ordered myself a few new crafty bits in the last week so I am hoping they will help. I have still been looking, just not commenting. Your work is always gorgeous and completely unique Nic, I love your style xxx

  3. Hopefully your mojo will soon be back copps. Mine went outta da window for a couple of weeks then all of a sudden I made 9 cards in 3 days!!! :o)
    Jackie xx

  4. Sometimes a break from the blogging and crafting gives you a new gusto Nic. See you soon. xxx

  5. enjoy your lazy days -a change is as good as a rest lol
    Carol x

  6. It happens to us all Nic. It will come back as quick as it went and looking forward to seeing what you make. have a good weekend and some rest
    x catherine

  7. Hope you have a relaxing crafty day today. I'm not sure about strapping yourself to a chair... ;) x

  8. You rest up hun,that soup sounds lush.Hugs xx


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