Saturday, 24 January 2015

Use or bin - Inktense colouring.

Good morning all.
I hope you are all well.
Thanks for all your comments yesterday on my card and fridge, i did use my hairdryer too but my goodness the ice was so thick.
Fingers crossed at the mo, it is working and no ice forming.................yet.
Anyhoo i am in work soon and i didn`t have time to make a card yesterday but i did manage to colour an image.
I am not sure what i think of the end result, what do you think?.
It is my 2nd proper attempt with Inktense pencils and i love how you can pick the colour up from the pencil nib to create fine strokes.
It is the skin i am unsure of and also my grass as it makes my fairy look like she has a dirty bottom :S
Honest opinions are welcome, i won`t be offended at all.

Thanks so much for looking.
Oh and my laddo had a great day at secondary school yesterday, he says the teachers were all nice & kind.:D
Lotsa Hugs


  1. Sorry...can't fault it as I could do nowhere near as good!! xx

  2. I think the colouring us lovely and soft. I can see what you mean about fairy's bum, made me smile, maybe a different green

  3. Stunning Nic, looks perfect to me especially the mouse. How you have done the fur it looks so real and for the fairy's bottom it shows she's been playing..Hugs Lozzy xx
    so pleased your son's happy with his new school, he's growing up, secondary school you saying oh no xx

  4. No I like it very much use it

  5. I agree about the fairy' bum...maybe add more colour there to see how that does, but overall Nic, it's a good job, always hard to get used to a new medium...

    Glad Jack likes his School..xx


  6. Honestly i really like it and for a second attempt it is brilliant !! xx

  7. Hi Nic, I think the colouring all looks fine to me. The skin colours great. Marlene

  8. Nic I think this is fantastic. I am using my inktense, prismas and polychromo pencils at the moment and love them all...your image looks great..
    {The Journey is the Start – my personal blog}

  9. Such a sweet image and your colouring is amazing - that is my honest opinion!
    Sue xx

  10. A beautiful image, love how you made her arm show through the wing! Not sure about the bottom, lol. If there is grass there, that is what it would look like!
    Don't bin it !!!!

  11. Soooo cute love it.Fab colouring.Don't work tooo hard.Happy Weekend.xx

  12. Well I think your colouring is fab... but I did laugh out loud when you mentioned and pointed out what you thought is her dirty bottom!!

    Christine x

  13. Gorgeous, your colouring looks fab.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Lorraine x

  14. Oh Wow! your colouring is beautiful Coops… I love those fine strokes… looks awesome on the fur, wings and grass! Personally I can't fault it in any way! :-))
    Glad to hear laddo is enjoying Secondary School !
    Hope you have a good weekend!
    Big hugs, Sue B xx

  15. Hope the fridge behaves itself Nic!! I love your colouring, so different but very artsy feel to it.

  16. A beautiful image and colouring Coops.I love the transparency in her wings and the white dots in her hair..gorgeous..and the mouse's hair looks awesome.Maybe the grass at the bottom could go thicker and darker..but that is only my opinion..cannot wait to see it on a card.

    luv CHRISSYxx

  17. gorgeous Nic, you've done a great job with the colouring, wonderful!
    hugs Jacee
    Simply Paper Card Design

  18. Hey, don't be so hard on yourself Nic - and her bum doesn't look dirty - blame the lazy gardener who hasn't cut the grass!!

  19. Beautiful colouring, Nic! Love the skin tone - that's something I'm really struggling with using my Inktenses. What did you use? xx

  20. Simply stunning!!!
    Love it :o)
    Have a fab weekend.
    Debs xx

  21. Beautiful colouring. Her bum doesn't look dirty - after all she is sitting on the grass. Can't wait to see finished card x great image too BTW x

  22. I think it's fabulous Coops! I love the way you can see the arm 'through' the wing and the effect is so pretty. Sorry, you made me howl with laughter at the fairies dirty bottom!! It is a beautiful piece of colouring and I'm super impressed. Hugs, Jayne x

  23. This is fabulous Nic and you will love using those pencils. they are a big fave of mine in my journals. Glad secondary school went ok. have a good weekend
    x catherine

  24. Absolutely beautiful colouring Nic, love the effect of these pencils....I have been thinking about buying a tin of these inktense pencils with my Christmas money, if I could manage to colour even half as good as you I would be happy.
    Wendy xx

  25. OMG don't bin it coops!!! It's gorgeous colouring and it's plain to see it's grass, not a dirty bottom :o)
    Jackie xx

  26. Ha, her dirty bum is so funny now that you've pointed it out! I like the colour of your skin, but if you want to add a bit more pinkiness, you could try adding a very light touch of Carmine Pink over your Baked Earth - I saw that tip over at the LOTV blog :)

  27. compared to my colouring I think it looks fabulous and love the wings
    carol x


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