Sunday, 1 March 2015

A bathroom fit for a borrower?

Good afternoon all.
I hope you are all well.
Sorry i have been missing.
I have just finished cleaning my kitchen and bathroom.Living room next and then i just  need to change the beds and do the ironing and then get my butt in my craft corner.
I do have my laddos borrowers project to share though.
We have been cutting and painting and sticking.
I think it just needs maybe a few pics and a mirror made out of tinfoil on the walls now and then it should be good to take in tomorrow.
So here it is.
Not perfect by any means but lots of fun.
Everything had to be made from things that can be found lying around at home.

The covered shoe box and lid using left over wrapping paper.

Floor covered with an offcut of my bathroom lino.Walls covered with spare roll of wallpaper from my laddos bedroom.
Using straws, felt offcuts, teabag box cardboard, wooden spool from the pleated fabric i use.Bottle top and more wrapping paper.White acrylic paint from my crafty corner.

Another wooden spool, small corner from a yoghurt pot, paper napkin for a towel.

A laundry basket made from another dessert pot, and mucky clothes using felt, paper and napkins.there is also a tshirt, skirt and pants in

A bath mat made from felt.A plush corner bath made from a yoghurt pot, straws and a bottle top for an overhead shower and a carrier bag for a shower curtain.

And there you have it.Lots of fun but a real pain sticking certain things like the shower curtain.
Thanks for looking and i will be back in the morning with a DT card.
Lotsa Hugs


  1. This makes me smile plus I'm in awe... this is so creative!

  2. OMG! Hehe. That is totally fabulous. It brings back memories of the books. How clever the two of you are. Love the bath made from the yoghurt pot - genius. The bath mat and sink are fab. It's all fab. The toilet roll is inspired :-) Aww, A* Brilliant. Craftiness obviously runs in the genes. Hugs, Jayne x

  3. What a cute project? Is this for school Nic? Very clever ideas you have there x

  4. Well done..this is such a cute project and the borrowers would just love the loo and paper roll and the little bath and shower it clever.

    luv CHRISSYxx

  5. This is brilliant, love all the detail you have both put into this. well done.xx

  6. Wow this is fantastic....what an inspiration....Love it...x

  7. Oh Nic,the imagination,I LOVE it very well done to both of you.xx

  8. A fabulous project Nic and so good when the young ones get creative. hope you make it to your craft area soon
    x catherine

  9. What a brilliant project, he should be very pleased!! xx

  10. Oh very Blue Peter, well done the two of you, lovely and bright

  11. This is fab Nic, love the posh corner bath.

    Donna x

  12. My goodness how inventive you are. This is fantastic.

  13. This is a fabulous project Coops. Bet this was a lot of fun to create.
    Have a lovely week.
    Hugs Sharon x

  14. Oh, my goodness - this is just awesome - what a great job you both did. You put a lot of time into this and you get an "A" for being such an awesome Mommy and your son should get an "A" for this - hands down!! He must of had a lot of fun doing this project!! Hugs

  15. its brilliant Coop's I love it, you just need some little people now
    Kevin xx

  16. Oh wow. ..This looks absolutely brilliant Nic, great use of the yoghurt pots!

  17. Oh this is brilliant, brightened my day :o)
    Jackie xx

  18. WOW fabulous work. Your lad will be so proud taking this into work. I love all the cool details. Looks like a real bathroom!!! Great recycling too - Michelle x

  19. Fabulous work! I love your project xx

  20. That is so cool! Very clever Nic. We've just been watching Arietty, so I must show this to my Georgie, she'd LOVE it! That's an A+ effort for sure!! Hugs, Wends x

  21. What a fabulous project ... well done to your son!

  22. Brilliant great recycling and love all the details love the bath and toilet mat
    Carol x


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