Monday, 27 April 2015

Greenery overload.

Good morning all.
I hope you are all well.
I am in work soon once my laddo has gone to school.
I did pay a visit to the nursery yesterday as the weather was gorgeous and i spent a little too much again but when all my garden is in flower i think its going to look fab :D
So no card today as i only had time to make a DT card yesterday as i was too busy planting.
Here are a few pics of the latest additions, i think its safe to say i don`t have too much room now to add many more.
A new alpine, i got 2 of these.

Probably going to spell this wrong but these are some Aubretias, i got 3 of these.

Just 1 of these, another alpine i think??

Another alpine, just 1 of these too.

A view looking down, my grass is in an awful state again, so mossy and weeds so if any of you have any tips on getting a nice lush lawn.
A pic of the top border.Pic is not really showing the colours.

My hanging basket ready, i  have pulled this inside for the night.

another tulip, i got this and another 1 for just £1.
I cannot remember the name of this one but i loved the bright lime leaves.
My other tulip, love it.
Another alpine, i got 2 of these.
Yet more anemones, i love these.I got a lot of these.
I got 1 of these, i had to have it for the leaves and the name - Jack Frost

I got 2 of these Viola`s, the petals are absolutely stunning.

A jasmine, i am hoping this will spread across the fence, it is a vigorous variety.

Oooooo and look, my clematis is in bud.There is lots and lots of buds this year.
Thanks for looking.
Hugs Nic.


Michelle said...

WOW stunning Nic - this is going to look amazing when in full bloom. Love the owl peeking out too! Michelle x

Janette said...

Fab display Nic, you got a few bargains there flower....your clematis looks just like mine right now, can't wait for all the flowers to open...enjoy...xx

Margarets designer cards said...

Your garden will be a riot of colour next spring, the third picture down is a plant I have been looking for years, it was one of the child hood plants I remember from the garden I grew up in, but I don't know it's name,
I can't help you with your lawn our hanky chief size lawn has more weeds than grass.

Sarah said...

Is there no stopping you!!? Another beautiful selection Nic and a lot of them will self divide year on year. We invested in a mulching mower which chops the grass really finely (so it's almost invisible) and spits it back out on the grass. Since doing so we haven't had to use any treatments and have the most beautiful lush green lawn xx

Sue said...

Love the colours and your garden come summer will be gorgeous. I liked feed and weed for my old garden.

Sue B said...

Ooh your garden looks SO lovely Coops! thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. I got some of those white Alpine Iberis a long, long time ago and they are still going strong in our garden. I like that you've got a nice variation of greens… everything looks awesome in your garden! :-))
Hope you had a lovely weekend!
Big hugs, Sue B xx

Jacee said...

You have been busy, it all looks wonderful, very pretty indeed
hugs Jacee
Simply Paper Card Design

Dangina Martinez said...

Looks amazing! If only we could add those gorgeous blooms to our cards! Have a great week!

Shylaa Shree said...

you have got a beautiful garden dear, i wish to have all the saplings :(

Jackie said...

Lovely flowers coops, your garden will look so lovely when summer comes :o)
Jackie xx