FAQ.updated 2017

Q.how long have you been crafting.
A,about 11 years now

Q.what card do you use with your promarkes.
A.i use the rymans smooth white coated card

Q.how do you manage to make so many cards
A.a hard one to answer, hmmmm i don`t know.my hubby works a lot of nights so i tend to craft once hes gone out.i normally have the ideas in my head of what i want to make.
Nowadays my cards are far less frequent,as I am now self employed so working a lot more hours and time off is spent on the usual household chores and spending time with family.

Q..do you choose your papers and embellies before you colour your image.
A.very naughty but no, i colour my image first and then root around like a mad woman for everything else.
updated, i do try now to pick my papers first but not always.

Q.what do you use to stick down your embellies like pins and flowers.
A.i use a hot glue gun

Q.how do you take your photo`s
A.i tend to craft at night so my photos are taken at night.i have just invested in a daylight lamp which is fantastic.mine was from argos, only £30
i have a panasonic lumix camera and have my settings with vivid colour, macro on and image stabalization.
I have a new camera, another Panisonic  (TZ40) but a better one.So many settings on my new one and a lot easier to take photo`s with.

Q.do you have the full collection of promarkers.
A.no i don`t but am almost there, some colours though i rarely use
I still do not own the full collection of promarkers but i do have some of the new flexmarkers

Q.do you have any tips on using promarkers.
A.there is lots of fantastic tutorials online but the best way is to play with them and find the method that suits you best.me i love strong colours.
I actually like softer colours too now, lol

Q.how do you colour your digi images without the printer ink smudging.
A.lol very good question and one i would like to know too, quite often i get a lovely finger print smudge.i`ve found i need to colour very carefully within the lines and not go over them like i do with stamped images, and if i do smudge the printer ink (which i do a lot) i normally add more shading to try and hide it :D
i find it best to print them on well in advance, the longer you leave them the better chance of no bleeding.

Q.how do you distress you papers.
A.i use the little tim holtz distress tool which is brilliant but before i used to use the edge of my scissors.

Q.where do you buy all your craft supplies.
A.i no longer shop online after having my account hacked so my brother gets my simply sassy stamps for me and i give him the money, the rest i buy from my local craft shop, crafty urchins and if we go out of town i will pop into either webberlys or garners garden centre which also have craft stuff but thats not very often
my card for stamping on i get from rymans.
I also pick up papers and other little bits from The Range

Q.are you available for DT work
A.not at the moment as i like to devote to the teams i am currently with but i would consider a brief GDT.
Currently unavailable for any new DTs or GDTs due to not having much spare time.
Thanks for understanding.