Friday, 20 August 2010

morning all.

morning all.just to let you know that i am still here and that my blog has turned up again :)
i was so worried that someone had said my blog contained spam cos i`d been telling you all i was ill so that is why those posts are missing.
cor i didn`t half have a major panic moment.anyway it seems it was my blog counter that was to blame so thats why its not longer at the top.
big thanks to pickle from dc for all her help.
so its friday,my day off work.i have to go in tomorrow then its holiday time on monday.
i have so much to do yet, like finish the suitcase and everywhere needs a good spruce up before i leave.
i really don`t feel like doing it though :(
today i am still wheezing although my chest is a little less tight i can`t do much before i get out of breath.
also don`t know if any of you have asthma but i feel like i`ve been kicked in the back and chest, its feels really sore.
on a good note though i did manage to keep the antibiotic down last night so should be ok with the rest of the course.
they don`t half give you heartburn though and stomach ache but hey oh i gotta take them.
anyway i have scheduled some posts for when i am on holiday but not enough for all the
i don`t think i`ll get time now to make any cards.
so i will wish you all well and i will be back to blogging when i get back.
i do hope you don`t mind that i have missed so much commenting.
take care all
luv coops xxxx



Hi Nic
Glad you got your blog back and hope you feel better soon,enjoy your hoiliday and catch up with you when you get back
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Andria said...

I think I would cry if my blog went missing, hopeyou have a great holiday and get better soon :) .

Janette said...

Hi Sweetie, Aww I feel for you so much, you have a good hols and as for the Asthma take some paracetamol it does help with the back and chest pains...abit....hope your ok, big hugs, Janette.xxxx

Jules said...

Hi Coops

Glad you are up and running again.

How scary must that have been!!!

I hope that you have a good holiday and the weather is good to you - the break will do you good. Hopefully thing improve health wise for you so that your enjoyment isn't hindered too much.

Awww... I'm missing you already!!

Catch you when you are home again.

Love Jules xx

Jennifer said...

Hope you're well for your hols. We're going on Monday too! I hope the weather perks up! xx Jenny xx

Sharon said...

Great you got your blog sorted - panic over!

Hope you're soon feeling 100% & enjoy your holiday.


Sharon x

Sue said...

Glad to see you up and running.Did wonder what was wrong.Do take paracetamol for the pain it will help.Have a lovely time,catch you later.
Hugs Sue

Lynn said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better now. I'm sure your holiday will be a welcome break and chance to recharge your batteries. Have fun.

Lynn x

Kathleen said...

I know how you feel about the panic as I did when I thought I lost the blog altogether but I did'nt.
Have a good holiday and hope the weather is good to you. Hear from you when you're back.
Kathleen x

tilly said...

Hello Coopsy
Pleased the anti-B's are staying down, hope they do their job quickly, never mind the cleaning, that will still be there when you get back, just do your packing and relax and get better, have a lovely holiday and enjoy your birthday
Love Tilly xx

nessy said...

so glad your blog is back ~had that problem before ~horrid feeling!! i deleted all the added on bits and it worked!!(however i am now adding more back on!!)LOL
enjoy your holiday ~once DH gets home today we are on our hols too, for 2 weeks!!!
see you when you get back!!
vanessa xx

Christine said...

Hi Nic glad things are all well with your blog & your keeping the medication down..have a good hol..& come back well & refreshed..

smiles Christine xx

Little K Smith said...

Hi Coops
Really hope you are better for your hols and glad you got your blog back too!
Take care.

Delphine said...

I hope you feel better really soon and can enjoy your holiday! Glad to know you have scheduled some posts, it would have been so weird not to see anything coming from you!!! Take care. Talk to you soon. Hugs Delphine xx

Wishcraft said...

Glad you got the blog sorted hun, I'd have been panicking too! Hope you have a lovely holiday and that you're soon feeling well enough to enjoy it. Lisa x

Sarpreet said...

oh dear hope you feel better soon, glad to hear your blog is sorted. catching up on your blog, the card posted on tuesday is gorgeous card, love everything about this card.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feeling better soon Nic and enjoy your hols. Just back from mine, soon comes and goes! back to work for me on Monday. Sue x

Aunty Sue said...

Hi Nic you are having a hard time of it at the moment hope things improves quickly. There is an award on my blog for you.

JR Creations said...

Awh Coops hope you're better now, sounds like you've had a tough time. Enjoy your hols anyway, you deserve them!!!