Wednesday, 28 September 2011

good evening

hello all.
sorry but i have no card to share tonight, i have one ready to go but it is not dry enough to construct yet :D
instead you can see some pics of what me and hubby have got to move later on before bedtime, yep my entire itty bitty cluttered corner, grrrrr.

please don`t look at the pics if you are of a nervous disposition and allergic to clutter:

 oh its shocking isn`t excuse is i only have such a small space and its literally bursting again despite culling it earlier in the year
you can see a sneak pic of my card to be on my table
and you see the little cream cupboard highlighted by the black box, welllllllll thats the gas meter in
good job they only come once a year.
i`m also having my gas fire switched off tomorrow as that is going to be changed for an electric one.
i can`t wait as the one thats in is gross.
so there you go that is my little space of escape, a little corner to melt the worries and stress away :D
hopefully in the morning i will have my card ready to share once the living room beens hoovered and dusted etc :D
off to catch up with you all now.
luv coops xx

whoops way behind in  my commenting again but i really must go and move my stash now :(
catch you all tomorrow/


Sarah said...

Hi coops, doesn't look too bad to me - one day I will post my craft area. It may be bigger, but soooo much messier!!! Sarah

sallysbitz said...

LOL, I have to make my cards on the living room table. My crafting goodies started off being stored in the airing cupboard on one shelf. Now I have two & basically the whole area under my stairs (which is a cupboard). I store in boxes too.

I really need my own room now Lol BUT its a long way off coz me & hubby have a grandchild due in March.

Sorry I have not been by your blog for a few weeks BUT have been sooo bloomin busy!!

hugs sally x

Anonymous said...

Lol, can you imagine the gas man's face if you didn't move it! xx

Mags said...

I love your captions - 'cluttered by Coops'! But I'm sorry, hun, compared with my little bedroom this is nothing! I could clutter for Britain in 2012 lol!

I hope the clearing goes well and that the gasman does his work quickly so you can get back to your corner!

luv, Mags xx

Rebekah said...

Goodness that is an itty bitty space! I thought my area was small but you have def been relagated to the corner lol! Hope the move goes ok hugs Rebekah x

Dortesjs said...

waue great

Julie said...

a valuable lesson in making the most of what you have, you are an inspiration.

Juls said...

so fabby to see your little workspace! Hugs juls

Kimberly said...

Well, i feel bad room is about 6x8ft and it's looks bad, i mean stuff is finding it's way on the floor. How did i get so much STUFF anyway...tfs

Karen said...

Looks alot like my corner of the dining room. I have no excuse now as my eldest son has moved out and I can now use the spare room, but there is so much mess I dont know where to start and I like being downstairs crafting. xx

Chrissy said...

Time for a bigger house....or you could sleep in the lounge and craft in the bedroom...or sell the car and have the garage...I know!!!give up cooking and have the luck


Inkypinkydelights said...

Just like home from home! lol that I don't have a craft room so mine is in the little spare bedroom. I bet you will find things you did not know you had! Plus things that had gone astray! Good luck, Judy x

Susan Flynn said...

Well whatever the size or state of it you do magnificent work in it Coops. I'd push for my own room though xx

Jessica said...

Bet you find stuff you'd forgotten about lol!!!!! Jxx

Christine L said...

Think all we crafters are clutterbugs... think it comes with the crafty gene!! hehe

Christine x

craftybirdlisa said...

Oh Coops, well it's a good excuse to have a tidy up. My hubby shares the office with me, so I have to keep my little space tidy, as he hates me taking over his desk. Lol x

Julie said...

Oh dear - did you come across anything you thought you'd lost though!! I found a scalloped circle nestie the other day but still no sign of my Magnolia doily lace die! ;( Juliexx

Sandra said...

Hi, l have been there too!:) Sandra H

xxxtglxxx said...

See, I tell my OH thats its all good exercise having stuff stashed like this. I am constantly moving one box to get to another, its like that puzzle where you just have one space! :)

I am lucky to have quite a big house, and a room just for craft and pc's, but it can still get a bit crowded! lol. I cant craft when I am in a mess though, I have to clean and side everything before I start anything new.

Hope you remembered where it all went!! :)