Thursday, 29 September 2011

morning all

Good morning all.i would just like to say thankyou to shell and jane regarding a malware warning again on my blog.
i restored my blog list last night but now the malware warning is flashing up another blog that is in my blog roll so i am sorry but i have had to remove it again.
i am waiting for the men to arrive to service my boiler which has been naughty just lately, so fingers crossed its fixed this time.
my living room has been polished, dado rail and paintwork washed and the carpet hoovered, eventually!!
i was going to hoover upstairs and the stair carpet too but my hoover is pants, i could suck the carpet better myself, lol.
so have just settled on the living room for now.
little mans bedroom looks like a set for horrid henry so i will volunteer to help him sort it out when i pick him up later.
better go and try to finish my card off so you`ve all got something to look at.
hopefully now my bloglist is gone you should all have no problems visiting me, fingers crossed.

xx coops xx


Feebsy said...

I hope the malware thing gets sorted out. It's so annoying that some people seem to have nothing better to do than cause problems on the internet, you'd think they would find something constructive to do with their creativity!

By the way I'm glad someone else is just as cluttered as me with their crafting gear, it makes me feel much better!


Cor* said...

OOh I was JUST going to e-mail you and tell you that, but now I can actually access it! Weird stuff hey!?!?!