Monday, 21 November 2011


Hello all.
Just to say i`ve had to take little man to the docs this morning with a poorly tum so hes off school now until its run its course,luckily my brother has a week off work so hes kindly offered to look after him today while me and hubby are at work.i daren`t have a day off as i am having to do all my hours over 4 days cos of having this friday and weekend off.
little man is doing cartwheels cos he loves spending time with my brother, hes absolutely fine in himself just the poorly tum, if ya know what i
so please accept my apologies if i am running behind in commenting.i will get round to you all at some point though :D
have a good day and i`ll catch ya  laters

luv coops xxx


Sarah said...

Hi ya Nic, awww sorry to hear little man is poorly. Sounds like he will have fun with your brother.

My Emily has decided to go and get Chicken Pox, again! So I've got her home from school for this week - again! Sarah

Sue said...

Aww poor little man!! Hope he is ok. Good thing that he is ok in himself and children do seem to bounce back quickly from these things.
Take Care
Big Hugs!
Sue xx

Ella's Design said...

Awww, hope little man is better soon, there's nothing worse than a poorly tum as there's not very much you can do for them! Nice to hear it's not stopped him being himself, though! I'm sure he'll be as right as rain in no time! Get well hugs to him, Lisa X

Jessica said...

Hope littl'un feels better soon. Jxx

Sue said...

Aw,I hope your lad feels better soon.
Hugs Sue xx

Sandra said...

Hi Coop, it's that time of the year where the little ones seem to pick up all kings of ailments hopefully there will be a speedy recovery! love your card and especially the image its gorgeous:) Sandra H

Lee said...

No need to apologize hun,hope his lil tum is soon better.You take care now ya hear.Give lil man a Big Squidgy huggle from me.xxxx

Susan Flynn said...

Ahh bless, hope he is better soon. Your card from yesterday was fabulous x

Sarah said...

Aw Coops, we've had a bug in our house, gone how hopefully. Hope your lil man feels much brighter soon xxx

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

Awww sending little man huge hugs
hope he gets better soon!
Hugs Shell xx

Feebsy said...

Aww poor little guy, I hope he makes a speedy recovery.


Donna Mosley said...

Aww! poor little man, hope he feels better soon.

Donna x