Monday, 21 November 2011

run ragged

lol.good evening all.i have no card to share tonight i`m afraid.thought i`d give you all a night
i  just seem to have been run ragged all day.
went work and rushed to pick little man up from my brother and then we`ve all had baths and me and huby still haven`t had our tea.
doctor told me little man could have no dairy products, thats not gone down well as he does love his ice cream and mugs of milky tea.
so its just been  water and sandwiches with no marg/butter.yuk
i am gonna catch up with your blogs instead and quickly going boil up some pasta for tea :D
should have a card tomorrow, fingers crossed.

luv coops xx

blinking ink, ididn`t realise how far behind in commenting i was, have done loads but still a way bed is calling now though so will try again in the morning.night.xx


Elizabeth said...

Hi Nic, sounds like you've had quite a day and all my sympathy goes out to the little one - I love ice-cream too. Hope that water has some fruity flavouring or otherwise yuck!!! Here's to a better day for you tomorrow. Elizabeth x

Fluffles said...

...Me thinks you might have been at I'm a Celeb? I've just jumped on here too now it's finished. You must be starved not eating till this late - just like them in the sin bin! Jx

Paulagriff said...

Hope you have a calmer day tomorrow :) Paula :) xx

Jules said...

Hi Coops

I hope the little man feels much better tomorrow .. .. and that he has kept his germs to himself.

Love Jules xx

xxxtglxxx said...

You take care, this will be a hectic week i think hun :)



Christine L said...

Awwww poor little man.... hope he's better soon!
And Nic... take a couple of days off commenting and look after yourself? We'll all be happier if you have a rest!
Christine x

Jackie said...

Good morning Nic, my grandson couldn't have dairy stuff so he had to have soya milk, the unsweetened variety. He always got on well with that :o)
Jackie xx

Lee said...

Ooooh Nic,RELAX lol the commenting is not priority mate.Hope little man is soooon better,can just see his face no marg YUK LOL.Huggles to all.xxxxx

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Nic I think you have enough to cope with without worrying about commenting, you may have noticed by now that I am also way behind it has taken me over 2 days to visit all me friends and do me DT commenting but I have enjoyed it, just a little late that's all, lol. take care.
Lorraine x