Tuesday, 22 November 2011

still running around

lol.good morning all.little man still has a squiffy tum so gonna have to plead with little bro again to look after him for me.
hubby on nights after today though so will be alright then.
have just washed up and hoovered downstairs and it`ll be time for work soon.going try catch up with you all before then though.
very loud and noisy here this morning, i have a building plot to the side of our house, we`ve been fighting the planning for 4 years but they were finally granted permission earlier this year and have decided 5 weeks before christmas to start banging and digging, ah i feel my stress levels rising.lol
am certain there will be a card tonight, i will need to destress in my corner.
catch ya later, have a good day whatever you have planned ;D
luv coops xx


Debbie said...

Hi Coops...hope 'little man' is feeling better soon.
Hugs Debbie x


Hi Nic
Have a good day at work and hope the little man is feeling better soon
Hugs Dianne xx :)

gymjean said...

AH poor you do hope the little man will soon be well, as for those diggers next store I no how you feel I had that when my children were young I had three under the age of 5yrs when my next door neighbour decided to do panel beating to cars hugs Jeanxx

gina g said...

I hope your little man is feeling better soon hun, lets hope today isn't so stressful at work. luv gina xx

Rebekah said...

Hope your little man is well soon, mine has a hacking cough at the mo but he insisted on going to school as he is going to a friends for tea tonight! We have the gas people here digging up the road so I know what you mean about noise and my hubby goes on to nights next wk too which won't be great if they are right outside our house!!! Hope to see you creating soon hugs Rebekah xx

Mags said...

Poor little man, I hope he feels better soon. Poor you, too, with a building site next door! *hugs*

love, Mags x

Denise and Louise said...

Hi Coops,
Just catching up on my commenting!!
Sorry to hear little man is poorly - hope he feels better real soon.
Love the cards you have been making, especially the Gorjuss Girl - love that background.
Also sorry to hear you only sold 8 cards - you just never know at Craft Fairs - we have done plenty and sometimes sold one or two and at other times nearly sold out!!!
Denise xx

Giò said...

Hi Coops!! I hope little man is feeling better soon!!! Poor you .... a hight stress level before Christmas..... it's wrong LOL!!! Made a card it's the right way to destress yourself.
Have a nice day.
Hugs, Giò

Viv's Visuals said...

Bury your head in paper and stash tonight and try to switch off from all the stresses! Hope little man is better when you get home from work. x

sandy's crafty bits said...

oh my goodness ... you sound just like me ... running around and not getting anywhere ... hope your little man is better ... have not made any cards for a while and have not done any blog hopping either ... what are we lke eh ??

have fun and happy crafting nic

love sandy xx

Sarah said...

Hi ya, sounds like you are having a rough day! Hope your little man improves soon, and that the people building will see sense and wait until the New Year - can you imagine trying to build if we get a winter like last year? Madness!! Sarah

Sue said...

So sorry you have all that noise.Hope your little mans tummy is feeling better soon.
Hugs Sue xx

Vicky said...

Awww hope your little man is feeling a tad better now Coops...and it's a little quieter too... :o)

big hugs Vicky xx

Sandra said...

hI Coops, Oh l'm sorry to hear the little fella is still not right l have heard its a bug that's going around and can last for a few days so hopefully he's over the worse of it take care:) Sandra H

Lee said...

Awww what numpties to start NOW.Sending you soothing wishes n a Big Squidgy Huggle.xxx