Tuesday, 1 December 2009

good morning, well i have won another award and i am well chuffed about it.now i have to do the following.

1.copy this award to your blog

2.link to the person who gave you this award.

3.share 7 interesting facts about yourself.

4.choose 7 other bloggers to pass this award on to.

5.link to their blogs.

6.leave them a comment so to let them know about this award.

so here goes,lets hope this works.

first i have to say massive thanks to kelly for thinking me worthy of this award.thanks hun, you really made my day.

now for the seven interesting facts about me..mmm not sure if they are interesting but here goes.

1.i was recently picked to be featured in the current issue of the docrafts creativity magazine, in the online gallery talent spot.

2.i am left handed

3.i live near to alton towers theme park.

4.i`ve been with my hubby for 20 years.

5.i believe that giving is more fufilling than receiving.

6.i am very accident prone and have had stitches in my face 4 times.

7.i only had a 10 minute labour with my child.

there you go , told ya they weren`t interesting.lol.

now to tell who you who i`ve chosen to pass this fab award on to.

1.angela like me angela is new to the blogging scene so pop on over and give angela your support.

2.lyns again another new blogger who is also a docrafter, go on pop on over.

3.vicki i have to say that vicki has an amazing blog and her work is fantastic

4.sarah is another blogger who i visit often, her cards are beautiful.

5.rachel rachel is a very talented young lady, wish i had this talent at her age.

6.dianne i have known dianne since joining docrafts and she is a fab lady and always pops by my blog.

7.janette and another docrafter who has really helped me with my blog and was the first person to give me an award.

right now i better go and tell the ladies they`ve won an award.

luv coops.xx
oops 3rd attempt, it should work now, if you click on the lovely ladies names, you will be taken to their fantastic blogs.xx


critchley creations.x said...

awww thanks! :) i'll put it on soon...just gotta think who to give it too. well done for doing it right too :) Rachel xx

Lynsey said...

awww thanks! I'll have to work out how to do this! :o) xx

Janette said...

OOOOHHHH I say...lol.....thanks so much sweetie,and those 7 things are very interesting,well it's 7things more to know about you......will take my award and have to think hard about the 'who's and whats' of it....lol....x

Sarah said...

Thank you for this award! I will post it soon, I promise!
xx :0)


O thankyou so much Nic for this lovely award,i will have a think then pop it on my blog,
Hugs Dianne xx

Aunty Sue said...

well done coops on doing your links