Thursday, 1 April 2010

an award.xx

good afternoon all.i have been given this beautiful award from the fabulous sarpreet.
thanks so much i have to pass it on to 12 people including the person who kindly sent it to me so here goes..












off to tell the ladies of their award now.may be back later with a card, fingers crossed.luv coops.xx


Sheila said...

HI Nic, I just seen my name on your list here he he. How do I get it - do I have to do something special? Just want to share with you that I just won a Blinkie from Funky Hand for my Girls Girls Girls card. Dead chuffed I am Now this ? Take care and have a great weekend, Sheila:)X :)X

Squirrel x said...

Oh babes, thank you so much, that's really kind of you. Bless. I'll pick it up at the weekend when I'm on a proper pc and not this mardy laptop! Hugs, Squirrel xx

Rachel said...

awwww thanks hun :) I'll post it later when i've decided who to give it too. Rachel xx

Rachel said...

Hiya... me again. I've posted on my blog and given it back to you :) Rachel xx

Lizzy xx said...

Awwww thanks hun! sending it right back at ya :O) xx lizzy xx

Little K Smith said...

Ooooh thanks Coops! This has cheered me up:) Off to do some decision making! Thanks again.
Take care.

Di said...

Thanks so much, I'm really chuffed, my first award! Di x

Margarets designer cards said...

Congratulations and to all those who you have passed the award onto. Margaret

Di said...

Thanks Coops I'll put it in my sidebar and forward it on sunday when i have more time. di .x

Little K Smith said...

Sending it back to you! Keep up the fabulous work.

Julie said...

Thanks Nic- what a lovely surprise!! Will find some time over the weekend to pass it on- so many lovely blogs to choose!! Juliex

Judi said...

Oooh! Thanks for that Coops! Just one problem, what do I do with it? Hee! hee!
Never been given one of these before, do I just copy it into my blog, and then choose 12 others???

Sorry for being thick!

Judi xxx

Sarah said...

Thanks so much for this hun! Hope to put it on my blog soon but I'm hopeless at remembering! that doesn't meant it's not appreciated,, cos it is, very much!
xx :0)