Friday, 2 July 2010

i`m still here...

lol.just to say that i am a little behind with my commenting on all your fabulous blogs but i will get around to you hopefully today.
i seem to be having an accident prone few weeks, first it was my back now it is my hand and thumb.i was awake at 4am this morning in agony so to the docs i went again this morning.sure they think i`m loopy :)
so whats up with my right hand, well ........... the docs not sure.i have a small lump on my palm and it is so painfull.also i am getting pins and needles in my thumb which shoot down my wrist .so i have either pulled it or it may be a trapped nerve.
for now i am taking the anti inflamms i was given for my back but if it is a trapped nerve these tabs will make the pain worseand if so i have to go back to the doctors.grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
i am left handed but i only write and colour with it,everything else i do with my right.
so i will be around to you
yours miss accident prone
aka coops.xxxx


Sheila said...

OMG what are you like? Hope its not a nerve problem - got the tshirt and it is awful! Go to Totally Papercrafts for a surprise!! Have fab day tomorrow and looking forward to seeing some pics of your wee family! Sheila:)X

Crafty Karen said...

you have an excuse, i'm just lazy :-D

hope you back and hand get better soon!


jgaffneycards said...

poor you, hopefully it will sort itself out and stop being painfull, feel better hun


Jackie said...

OMG Coops, you are going through the mill at the moment aren't you. I do hope everything is soon better.
Hugs, Jackie xx

Jennifer said...

Hope you feel right soon Coops! xx Jenny xx

Netty said...

Poor you dear Coops, hope it all gets better soon. Annette x

Mina said...

Oh no Nic that sounds sore...ouch...hope it feels a bit better very soon
Mina xxx

amanda stokes said...

Hi Coops!
Sorry ive not commented for ages I have still been admiring your gorge creations tho :)
Sorry to hear about your hand hope it all gets better soon we can't have it affecting quality crafting time! ;)
Have a fab weekend!
hugs amanda xx

Sarah said...

Aww hun, you poor thing!! I can sympathise with the neck/back pain. I hope it's not a trapped nerve.

Make sure you take it easy and take care of yourself. Don't go doing too much.

xx :0)


Hi Nic
Your not having a good time at the mo,hope your hand feel's better soon,
Take care
Luv Dianne xx

Messi Jessi said...

Ahhh you poor thing! I hope your hand is better soon, and that it's not affecting your craftibility too much!

JR Creations said...

Awh coops ya poor thing, i'm currently putting off seeing a doctor and just living with the pain but I think i'll have to go soon. Hope your hands better, can't have a sick hand as a crafter!!

Jane said...

Great card, love the colours and your colouring brill as always. Hope your back is better soon. Jane x