Tuesday, 14 December 2010

banished to the house.

hello all.well i haven`t gone to work today, i just could not even contemplate mustering up the energy to get there and its only up the road.i did manage to get myself to the doctors this morning with my hubbies help and have been given some antibiotics so touch wood i start to feel more like myself.
for some strange reason i seem to have a heightened sense of smell much to my hubbys amusement.i rested my head on my hubbys shoulder in the doctors and swiftly moved it, his coat smelt awful.then a poor chap sat next to me and  he smelt like a kipper (to my nose anyway).not sure why my nose has got so sensitive so am hoping that goes too soon cos even my hubbys coffee is making me feel sick.
no i`m not pregnant ;D
ooooooo and also my fab candy win from the wonderful squirrel arrived today.the candy was indeed a big surprise.i was asked to make a list of crafty products i would really like and i would be sent a selection from the list.
i felt really cheeky writing a list but am well chuffed with what popped through the post this morning.
a fanastic selection of lotv rubber just crying out to be inked up.
i cant wait to feel well enough to play.
right off for another kip.
ttfn and take care everyone.i am really missing coming to visit all your blogs.
luv coops xxxx


Sarpreet said...

oh dear - hope you feel better soon, in time for Christmas. Your husband coat smells because you have been unwell and no one to take care of him, lol

Lisa said...

Hi Coops, Sorry to hear you are still feeling poorly. Hope the medication starts to work soon. I bet all the lovely crafting goodies you received from Squirrel made you feel just a tiny bit better :o)

(( Hugs and get well wishes ))

Lisa x

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Coops,

I hope they work and you feel better, you made me laugh about being able to smell things better with your nose, I think you will be washing hubbys coat when you get better. congratulations on your win and enjoy your play time when you feel up to it.
Take care
Love Margaret

Sue said...

Hi hun
aww i do hope the pills kick in soon, n you feel better,congrats on your win, hugs, sue,x


Hi Nic
Sorry you are not well,hope you feel better soon,take care.
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Janette said...

Awwww I do hope your soon well again, your suffering aren't you hun.....glad you had a win, always a nice cheer up....take care.xxxxxxx

Sheila said...

Nic, Sorry you are feeling rough at the mo but I am sure your new goodies will make you better very soon. Have fun with them once you up to it Nic, Take care, Sheila:)X

Aunty Sue said...

Hi Nic sorry to hear you are still not well hope the tablets do the trick by Christmas day anyway. Take it easy and enjoy your goodies.

craftymum said...

Hi Nic
starting to read your post today I thought PREGNANT! but you say NOT!
You have had a rough time you poor thing. Hopefully Squirrels candy parcel is cheering you up
Get well soon
hugs Sarah x

Squirrel x said...

Oh you poor bunny, glad you made it to the doc and you are now being medicated - you should be feeling better by the end of the week!
Oh my, how quick were LOTV?! That's brilliant - have a fab time playing and I can't wait to see what you create. Hugs, Sxx

Delphine said...

Poor Coops! I hope you will feel better soon with the antibiotics... Congratulations again on winning Squirrel's candy, the surprise is really a great idea! Take care:-) Hugs Delphine xx

Andria said...

Oh dear, hope your antibiotics kick in soon, and you start to feel better before the awful weather returns and of course Christmas. Take care of yourself :)

Andrea C said...

hehe first thing I thought when reading this was pregnant so glad u cleared that up tehe, glad you got antibiotics to help you feel better sometimes it is needed for when your body just can't fight back, anyways lots of rest on top of the meds x

Sue said...

Hi Nic,well as they say keep taking the tablets.
Keep warm and stay home cos its going to get colder.
Warm hugs Sue xx

Debs said...

Awww bless you, you sound so down in the dumps. I hope the antibiotics kick in soon. We have staff off at work with the lurgy and the ones left behind to do their work are not feeling too good either. Sometimes I think we are more poorly than the patients who are demanding to see a doctor NOW!!! Wow what a lovely prize from Squirrel, she is so generous. Hope to see a card from you soon. Take Care Debs xx

Sarah said...

I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling so poorly Nic! I hope that the antibiotics kick in quickly and that you're soon feeling like your old self.
Sorry I've been MIA too, hope to put that right in the new year.
Sarah xx :0)

jules said...

Hi Coops oh sorry your still suffering!i am missing your cards!.Im wondering whats going on with the nose? hope nobody buys you perfume!!!lol!.Get well soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

karen said...

ah hope those antibiotics kick in quickly for you, hugs,Karen

tilly said...

poor you lol--- I think you have had your fair share of being ill this year, hope you sail through the coming one without even a snuffle----hope I don't smell !!!!!
Tilly x

Rosietoes said...

Oh dear Coops you sound in a dreadful state. Take care of yourself - get those anti-b's into you and keep warm and snug.
Here's to a quick and full recovery.
Sending you a wee hug.
Edna x

crafting caz said...

Hope you get better soon, take care hun xxxx

Jules said...

Hi Coops

Let's hope those tablets kick in quickly.

You made me laugh saying someone smelt like a kipper!! Perhaps that is why he was at the doctors .. .. a bit like one of those people who go on "embarrassing bodies" on the TV LOL!!!

Looking forward to seeing your prize put to good use.

Take care.

Love Jules xx

Love Jules xx

Jackie said...

Hopefully you will soon be feeling better once the antibiotics get into your system.
Congratulations on your win, you need to get well now to use play with your goodies :o)
Jackie xx

Jane said...

Get well soon Nic, congrats on your win, when you feel better enjoy your goodies. MERRY CHRISTMAS Jane x