Wednesday, 29 December 2010


evening all.sorry no card tonight.i had every intention of making one,have got my image coloured ready but then bright spark here decided to try stitching with my sewing machine again.tension right, bobbin threaded properly.out came the scrap card to practice and then out came more and more and more and more scrap i know why i gave up my gcse sewing because i can`t blooming sew in a straight line for toffee.i think my sewing machine hates
seriously though if anyone can give me any advice on how to sew straight you will by bff.i will not be
right of to do some dt commenting instead,
enjoy your evenings and watch out for those sewing machines, its behind you!!! hehehe :D

luv coops xxxxx


Donna Mosley said...

Hi Nic, sounds like your sewing machine has decided to play up today. Mine's just the same. I've been faux stitching lately, less headache lol.

Donna x

Vicky said...

Hi hun I cant really offer you advice about your sewing machine hun. I actually used to be a machinist when I was younger I made clothes for next & then I worked at Slimma that used to be on Tunstall roundabout sewing for M&S. I brought 1 of these mini sewing machines as I thought they would be ideal for crafting & my big had decided to go kapputt on me. However it really did my head in cus it was problem after times it would work then at times it wouldn't & I tried everything even hubby looked at it & he is good at electricals lol. In the end I went & brought a propper machine & now its bliss & I have no probs at all. I'm sorry this hasn't really been much help hun its all I can offer though. Sorry sweetie. Hope you have more joy than I did.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

MagsB said...

I really admire anyone who stitches on paper, it sounds scary! There's a lot less leeway than stitching fabric, when you can rip out a mistake and it doesn't show! Good luck, hun!

Christine said...

Hi Nic bit of advice may work!!! try practising on Lined paper to get straight lines..(daughter learnt this way)but DONT put thread in MC. just waste..nxt try a needle with a bit larger Eye..material can take small but larger if you can get one may help..last tip draw in pencil a very faint line on your card/paper to help with the straight lines...I use my big ordinary Singer (not very often as I have to get it out of the cabinet) had it a very long time 35yrs...saved me a fortune & made endless bridal wear with it..Good Luck..

smiles Christine xx

Julie said...

You're probably already doing this but take it at an easy pace, the paper should automatically feed in a straight line with just a light hand to guide (least mine does) sorry probably not too helpful.

cardmaking bird said...

Christine has some good advice, unfortunately, I can't offer any advice - just sympathy! Never even tried sewing on paper - am too worried I'd sew something attached to my person to the card too, such is my accident prone disastrous nature, so I stick with the pokey tool and fineliner method. Much safer. For all concerned! Marie xx

Delphine said...

I don't have advice for you, Nic, I am sorry... I don't have a machine, wanted to buy one but haven't so far and I have just spent two hours handstitching on a card... Good luck, I am sure you will win in the end! Hugs Delphine xx

coldwaters2 said...

Lol, you sound as bad as me Nic, I cannot sew straight I cannot draw a straight line without a ruler then it still looks crooked to me, I would be lost without my cutter or I wouldn't be able to cut a straight line either, mind you my papers still come out lopsided sometimes, lol. Hope you get some good tips.
Lorraine x

Sarpreet said...

if you read Kaths blog she uses janome sew mini recommended by other crafters. I have considered the purchase. I have a sewing machine - already with a zig zag stitch. But for whatever reason it does not like sewing card on card. Also if you sewing through more than one card and paper, stick it down, but do not put any of the sticky near where you intend to sew. I did well when sewing card on top of card. But i gave up - and I do it by hand and a thread - and give that one to my mum to do. I do the rest - colouring wise, designing. Good old mum. But with more time on my hand I will give it another shot.

Jules said...

Hi Coops

I love sewing on my creations. You will too when you get to feel comfortable with it.

I was going to suggest you practising on lined paper - which I see Christine has already suggested to you.

The feet on my sewing machine have little grooves in them and and I line these up to the edge of my card/paper. If you don't have any grooves or markings on yours you could always add a tiny bit of tippex and always keep this lined up to the edge. Or you can keep the edge of your machine foot against the edge of your card/paper.

I only put a bit of double sided tape in the centre of the card I am attaching as getting the sticky into the mechanism is not a good thing.

But also don't be hard on yourself. Nothing has to be dead perfectly straight. Some of the best looks are actually two sets of wavy lines going all the way around the edge crossing over each other at various points!

You will get there.

Have fun!

Love Jules xx

Judi said...

Hi Coops,

Have you tried putting a piece of sellotape on the bed where you want the edge of your paper, that way you can just match the edge of the paper to the tape, and you should get a straight line. Let me know if this helps.


Judi xxx

Squirrel x said...

I can't sew straight to save my life hun, but it should cheer you up to know you have made the Top 3 for the last LOTV challenge, you lucky girl! Hugs, Sxx

XxJULESxX said...

Oh Coops i have a sew mini machine it's really good for card making,iv'e had it for a couple of years but was to scared to use it untill a couple of months ago!!.Tilly Trotter helped me to get going with it, it's difficult at first but practise makes perfect.
Im still practising! lol!!