Friday, 17 December 2010

is it just me

or i am the only one who is having problems leaving comments.i have a lot of commenting to catch up on but it is taking forever.when i type in the comment boxes it takes an age for the words to appear.some blogs are ok but most are doing my nut in.posting this is fine and all other websites are fine too so i din`t think its me tinternet.
so i am slowly getting round to you.also no card tonight as i worked later sunday off and then no day off till christmas day so i will apologise in advance if i don`t catch up with you all :D
have a fab evening.,

luv coops xxxx


annies place said...

Hi, Hope you are feeling better, hoping snow stays away for tomorrow as I need to do some shopping.
Re comments the pages keep disappearing Then I have to search for them, there must be some gremlins around.
Have a nice weekend, Ann x

Sarpreet said...

yes i agree! i am experiencing the same - i find it happens more at specific times of the day

BettyBoop67 said...

Hiya Coops,
Hope you are well, just popped in to wish you a Happy Christmas. Sue xx

Netty said...

Yep I have constipated words as well...takes forever. Annette x

Jules said...

Hi Coops

Mine isn't behaving too badly .. .. I hope those words aren't going to haunt me!!!

Sounds like you are going to have to make the most of Sunday if you are working all week. Hope you don't have to work too late on Christmas Eve .. .. the best day of Christmas!!

Hope you are feeling much better now.

Love Jules xx

Janette said...

Same here coops and I am sooo fed up with it......but glad you mentioned, thought it was my pc playing silly beggers.xx