Sunday, 12 December 2010

quick update.

just to say a big thanks for all your lovely get well wishes.
i found out yesterday that i won squirrels surprise candy, thanks squirrel and vince for picking my name out :D ( i wish i could jump around and whoop out loud :D)
i  also wish i could tell you i feel better today but i don`t, i`ve got some new tablets to try which i`m going to take in a mo once my tea is cool enough.
its not like me to be like this, i can normally shake things off but i feel so weak and mizzy  and very
i hope you are all well and i`ll see you soon and i hope you you all have  a lovely day.
luv coops xxx


Andrea C said...

nothing seems fun when you don't feel well but congrats on winning the candy , hope you feel better soon x

Aunty Sue said...

Hi Nic sorry you are still not feeling your best seems a few people are not too good my son had a bug for 4 days I called it man flu. lol. Plenty of meds and he is feeling abit better. You take care and dont over do it. Kick back and relax.

jules said...

Hi Coops sorry your not well, hope your feeling better soon! and congrats on winning the candy!!!

Kathleen said...

Congratulations on your win.

Coops hope you get better soon.
Kathleen x

Sue said...

Hi hun
aww big hugs hope the new pills help & your soon feeling better, sue,xx

Delphine said...

Poor Coops! I guess all you have to do is rest, I hope you get better fast, we miss your cards:-)! But how nice of you to post little "hi"s:-) And congratulations on winning Squirrel's candy! Will you tell us what it is...? Thinking of you, take care:-) Hugs Delphine xx

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Nic congratulations on your win, you just take it easy and look after yourself.
Lorraine x

Kim Dellow said...

Ahh Coops, I hope you get better soon. Take care off yourself and get better. Congrats on the candy win :) Kimx

Netty said...

Congratulations Coops and hope the new tablets do the trick. Annette x

Mina said...

aaaaaahhhhhh petal I hope these tablets work and really soon...keep warm and get your o/h to spoil you for a while...we will still be here when your fit and well
Mina xxx

Sue said...

Poor Nic,that was a nice surprise for you though.You will enjoy it when you get better.Keep taking the tablets.
Big hugs Sue xx

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Coops

I am sorry to hear you are feeling ill, I hope you get better soon, congratulations on winning a lovely candy. take care and get well soon

Christine Levison said...

awwww big (((((hugs)))))) for a poorly person! Really hope you'll be on the mend soon - seems these bugs really know how to get a hold now... Sounds like a bad dose of flu you've had! Try to keep warm and plenty of fluids and you'll be better soon..
Christine x

Sarpreet said...

Congratulations on your prize winnings! get well soon, take the rest you will be even more miserable if it affects your christmas