Sunday, 2 January 2011

have ya missed

afternoon all.did ya miss me last ya didin`t notice did ya,hehe.
i had lots of the dreaded household chores to catch up on yesterday.uniforms and things to get ready plus i don`t know about anyone else but i am still finding it really slow going leaving comments, it takes forever on some blogs for my typing to actually show up which i sometimes have to correct so apologies if i`m running a little behind.
i woke up real early this morning so i could catch up on my dt commenting which is now done.done a little shopping this morning for essentials and so now the chicken is in the oven, the trifle is half way made in the fridge and i`m going to catch up on my blog commenting now and then hopefully i`m gonna make a
have a fab day whatever you have planned and for those of you who are poorly,i hope you feel better soon.
see ya later.
luv coops xxxxx


Andria said...

ooh how did you know trifle's my fave lol. I'm supposed to be doing the ironing while I wait for glue and ink to dry lol, but got side tracked!!

tilly said...

Wow Coops, you have been busy,I think you deserve a sit-down to make a card.....I seem to have done nothing so far but chat on the phone, isn't it nice to have friends to gossip with lol
Tilly x

Squirrel x said...

Just how do you fit it all in hun? Sounds like we're coming to you for dinner .... which reminds me, I'm meant to be doing something with a swede (and I mean vegetable!). Love the fresh, zingy blog background hun. Hugs, Sxx

Dora said...

Hi thank you so much for popping by my blog and leaving all your lovely comments... you seem to be so busy thanks xxx Hope you have a fantastic day xx

petra,s cards said...

hi coops happy new year!!!!!!
xx petra

Mina said...

oooohhhhhh I love could send me some because Im not well Nic 'cough cough' lol...Happy New Year
Mina xxx

The Crafty Den said...

Hi Nic, hope you've caught up with everything. The commenting has been a bit nuts this month but hopefully will settle down a bit now (thank goodness lol!). Hugs, Denise x