Monday, 10 January 2011

thankyou :D

aw bless you everyone for you kind comments.
just to reassure you all i am totally ok :D and not feeling down at all.every now and again i just have a reflective day and tend to think of the past and things in my life i would like to change and improve including my extremely cluttered me and hubby are going to start having a mass cull of tat we no longer use,lol.most of it is hubbys though, heheehe.
well at least my crafty stuff is only in one not corner not the entire spare :D
again thankyou,i got up real early this morning and feel lots better for it little man is stilll snoozing so thought i`d pop on here before work and maybe do a little hopping.
have a fabulous day and i`ll see you later :D
luv coops xxxxx


Amanda said...

Glad you are ok Coops :-)) I think the beginning of a New Year makes us all a little reflective and definitely makes us want to clean...although I am trying to ignore that urge for now ;-)

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Nic,

I have to do the same, only its stuff that will have to be sorted and reduced...... not my craft stuff although it has been hinted a few times. I have some new furniture coming in a few weeks, so I dont have long to do it.


Vicky said...

We are having a ggod sort out right thru & then decorate. Dont blame you for deleting my comment.

Hugs Vicky xx

Di said...

Hi Coops it's that January thing. I too am fed up with clutter and it's mostly his stuff too so i can't just grab it and bin it,lol. I've started on my stuff today. I can't settle to make stuff until it's all sorted. Good luck. Di.xx

kay said...

hi coops,glad you are ok,x

susiestacey said...

Hi Coops - love the card your colouring is amazing. Chin up girl - l hate new year too x Susan x