Sunday, 16 January 2011


good evening.well what can i say but whoops.i am a real dolly daydream sometimes.we were all up really early this morning.had a few run around jobs to do and then we took little man to the cinema.he is 7 on tuesday so we thought we`d take him today as he`ll be at school on his birthday.we went to see megamind in was brilliant.if you have  a boy, they will love it :D plus i`m a big kid anyway so it was right up my street :D
so because we`ve been here, there and everywhere today i have made a card but totally forgot to charge my camera and its too late to do it now so i`ll be back tomorrow night instead now as i`m at work early in the morning so i`ll go and catch up on your blogs :D
enjoy your evening and apologies for me ramblings :S

luv coops xxxx

updated to add.......................ARGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i`m so sorry but i`m way behind yet again!!!! in my commenting.i sat down with all good intentions of a good catch up but this blooming constipated typing on blog comments has finally got to is taking an absolute age for my typing to appear in the comment boxes.i have just sat for over 5 minutes waiting for my words to appear on one blog so please if you don`t want to leave me any comments whilst i am so far behind, i totally understand :D ( if you wanted to leave any of course, lol)
i will hopefully catch up tomorrow sorry everyone.



Aunty Sue said...

Oh coops you have been busy glad you all enjoyed the picture only go to see kids films these days. lol. Look forward to seeing your latest masterpiece

Ella's Design said...

I'm surprised you manage to find enough time in the day to do what you do, so I'm sure people will understand!! :)

Andrea C said...

We comment on your blog cos your work deserves great comments you crazy lady you!! Hope your little guy has a most fantastic 7th birthday x x

Christine said...

Hiya Nic glad your wee man enjoyed the flicks & you..LOL stop bashing your self up bout leaving comms. we all lead dif. lives we come here to see your creations not so you HAVE to come back to us..I was having some probs with comm. but knew it was my key me a new wireless one now so far so good..

smiles Christine xx

xGemmax said...

Sounds like you have a fab but busy day hunni but dont worry as we all have days like this, can wait to see your card thou :o)

Happy 7th Birthday to your little man for tuesday :o)
hugs and xxx

cardmaking bird said...

That film sounds good - I'll suggest it to Sam and see if he fancies it. I'm like you, I love going to the cinema with him - I think I enjoy the films just as much as he does!!?? Hugs, Marie xx

Christine Levison said...

Welcome to my world of dolly daydreams.... but I blame my age! hehe
Don't worry about commenting.... chill for a while..... your cards are always an inspiration, and commenting shouldn't be a pressure!
Christine x

Lee said...

Glad you all enjoyed the film.Happy Birthday for Tuesday,sorry i would have sent a card but didn't know lol.I have found the same thing on some blogs,typing then waiting ages for the words to actually appear.Hugs xxxxx

susiestacey said...

Hi Dolly Daydream, that is what weekends are for x Glad you enjoyed the film x Susan x

Noreen said...

Glaa you enjoyed the film Nic, hope your son (& all of you)enjoy the birthday celebrations. I completely understand how things are - I seem to get whole weeks like this sometimes. xx