Friday, 25 February 2011

good evening all :D

good evening all.
i hope you are all well :D
well the papered wall has now been painted a really dark blue, all thats left to do now is paint all those blooming stars with my itty bitty paintbrush.
the wall needs to dry though so think i`ll be up early to do the stars then hopefully i will have a day of rest on sunday before i go back to work on monday :D
its the stocktake at work next week too so will feel better once thats out of the way.
once the stars are painted i will take a photo for you all before all his toys etc get put back in the room.
no card tonight cos im going to catch up on commenting instead and have a yummy chinese and park  me bum on my chair ready for the new season of benidorm at 9pm :D
have a fabulous evening and a great weekend.
hopefully i`ll have something to share soon.
luv coops xxxxxx



Hi Nic
Cannot wait to see the finish results,you have reminded me ,i think it about time i started decorating,
Hugs Dianne xx :0

Christine said...

Hiya Nic another one cant wait to see the finished results..if its anywhere near as good as your awesome creations the little man will love it..have a great nite chilling enjoy your meal..

smiles Christine xx

Elizabeth said...

Look forward to seeing the finished room. Enjoy your weekend - amazing how many people are kicking it off with a Chinese takeaway tonight :) Elizabeth x

Jennifer said...

Hi Nic. Good luck with those stars! Enjoy your chinese. We just had one too...I'm stuffed! xx Jenny xx

Teresa said...

Hiya Nic, sounds like you've had a busy week, I bet you'll be glad to get back to work for a rest lol, I bet your little man is well pleased with his room, have fun painting the stars tomorrow rather you than me lol. Take care & try to get some rest before returning to work. Hugs Teresa xx

Diamond Doll said...

OOoh cant wait to see the finished room, Don,t envy you the task of painting the stars but i,m sure that it,ll be worth it to see little mans smiles.
Trish (-:

Mags said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished decor! I hope you can have a lovely, lazy day on Sunday to recover!

luv, Mags x

Donna Mosley said...

Hi Nic, looking forward to seeing the finished result. Hope you had a yummy chinese and enjoyed the telly.

Donna x

Sarpreet said...

looking foward to seeing your finished decor, however do not feel after such a nasty comment that you need to spend time commenting rather than making cards. I learnt a long while ago - you need to do what is right for you and not to please some of the silly people out there

sue said...

hi coops
another one who cant wait to see your little mans room.thanks so much for popping by my blog.
& for all your comments they are very much appreciated.
sue xx

Jacee said...

Looking forward to seeing the end result, hope you enjoyed your evening, sounds yummy.
Hugs Jacee

Jules said...

Hi Coops

My you have worked hard this week .. .. you will be glad to get back to the stock-taking for a rest I should think!!

Only you (and probably my DIL) would have the patience to now paint lots and lots of little stars!!

Can't wait to see the end result.

I hope you get it finished so that you can enjoy your Sunday!! Careful you don't fall asleep and miss it!!

Love Jules xx

Janette said...

Oh I hope I don't miss the 'unveiling' forward to seeing it Nic, take care.xx

xxxtglxxx said...

Glad I visited today, didnt know it was a new series of Benidorm! :) lol.

Well done on all the decorating, you are nearly there! ;) and cant wait to see a piccy!

Have a great weekend,



Mau xx said...

So glad its behind you coops, Have that well earned rest now... can't wait to see the stars.
Enjoy your weekend. Hugs Mau xx