Monday, 14 February 2011

Good morning.:D

Good morning all and happy valentines day.i hope you`re being spoilt.
i was awoken this morning by the words, would you like a cup of tea, grrrrrr no i had to have water.
my lovely hubby has brought me a massive box of thortons chocs (sampled as soo i got home from the docs) and some red roses, aw :D
well the cream sort of worked on my arm, the needle stung a little and i felt the blood been drawn but hey its done now and i should get me results either wednesday or friday this week, thats quick isn`t it.
i hardly slept last night for thinking about it too, i know i`m silly :D
i`m also been tested for high cholestarol as my mum has inherited cholesterol and has to take pills so fingers crossed mine comes back ok.
so enough rambling from me, i`m gonna get dressed for work now and then pop and have some lunch first with my mum :D
enjoy your day and i promise to catch up with my commenting later, i`m about a  day behind at the mo :D

luv coops xxxx


xGemmax said...

Awww Coops...isnt your hubby so sweet spoiling you to chocs & flowers, bless him!
*fingers crossed* bloods come back all normal.....i dont like needles either but when i was pregnant with Jaykub i had gestational diabetes and had to inject myself 4 times a day & check my own bloods 6 times a day, it was really hard to do that to yourself!! I just hope the diabetes doesnt ever come back but doctors says its more then likely look im waffling on, sorry sweetie :o)
You look after yourself!!
hugs and xxx

Sheila said...

Glad you got on ok at doc! Just hoping you get positive results - meaning I hope all is well Nic. Take care, Sheila:)X

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Nic,

You lucky girl, I hope you enjoy your chocs and have a lovely valentines day

Lyndsey Marie said...

Hi Nic,
Just wanted to say thank you for keepin popping by my blog and leaving lovely comments. I do visit yours most days but dont always have time to leave comments. Love all your new creations and your colouring seems to be getting better and better such a high standard, I cant seem to get mine to blend half as good as yours. Glad to hear you got on ok at Doc's I hate needles too cant stand the bloomin things lol!!!. Hope your results come back soon, enjoy your choccy's.
Lyndsey xx

Jane said...

Happy Valentines too, I am lucky enough to get a good old cuppa in bed every morning! Glad the docs went well. Take care, Jane x

Sue said...

Hi Nic,glad it wasn't to bad at the Docs.Mmmm chocolate and roses.
Hugs Sue xx

Mags said...

Fingers crossed for the results on Wednesday, I hope everything works out ok.

luv, Mags x

Amanda said...

Hi Nic, glad it wasn't too bad having blood taken, the results are so quick nowadays as well I remember when you had to wait a week lol.
Mmmm thorntons chocs and roses you lucky thing.
Amanda x

xxxtglxxx said...

Sounds like you had a fab day :) Thats so sweet!

Im not keen on chocs, but I cant resist the real ones like Thorntons! (yum!)

Hope you enjoyed your night off too ;)



Lee said...

we don't do Valentines Day in our house lol.Lucky you.Ooooh Thorntons my fav.I had a huge box for Christmas from the doggies owner yummy.xxxxx