Thursday, 3 February 2011

OMG i need a four leaf clover and quick!!!

lol.good afternoon all.first off let me apologise for not visiting you today.its my day off work today and i normally have a good catch up on your blogs but oh dear what a day!!! i need a four leaf clover for luck and i need it quick.
i wanted to order some more sassy stamps this morning so i normally withdraw the money out my bank and give it to my bro who then orders the stamps online for me with his credit card.
i stopped shopping online a few years ago after finding that my debit card wasn`t protected against online fraud.
anyway off i pops up town.stamp list in hand ready for my bro.goes to ask him  and hes says i go across town to draw the money for him from the cashpoint.2 cashpoints are out of action so i go to the 3rd, unable to complete your transaction, ok!! no probs i`ll use the 4th cashpoint.mmmmmm no!!!! it said contact your card issuer.
ooo eer i don`t like the sound of this.
so i go into my bank, lovely manager says oh it`ll be the cashpoints.try to get my dosh out the bank and the computer said NO!!!! with bells account has been flagged!!!
so i get ushered into a little room, don`t worry says the manager its just a routine security check.
i had to speak to a lady from fraud.
shes says hello did you top up with 02 on monday for your mobile phone.errrr no i have a pay as you go and its not 02.
the 02 money had gone from my bank account, the following day another company tried 20 - 30 times to withdraw money from my account but the bank then sussed something was wrong and luckily blocked the payments.
so now my card has been shredded and i now have to wait until maybe monday for a new one, the fraud people will be reimbursing the 02 money and sending me out a declaration form to fill  in.
omg what a
never mind i managed to withdraw some money as the bank know me etc so at least i have some sassys on the way,
now i just need to find out how someone got hold of my card details, the fraud people are also investigating how my account was hacked.
so tonight i`m gonna have a good chill out session in my little cluttered corner.
until then have a fab day :D

xx coops xx



Hi Nic
What a day you have had,sorry to hear this hope they get to the bottom of this,(Glad you have beenable to order your stamps)one of mine arrived today,
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Sue said...

Hope you are feeling better after yesterday Nic,not the best pick you up to find your card has been got at.Hope you get your money back soon and your stamps too.
Hugs Sue x

Carol said...

Awwww no Nic!! What a horrible thing to happen but at least your bank were onto it luckily! Poor girl, here's sending you a four leaf clover (close your eyes and imagine) hehe! Have a chillazing evening Hun! Lotsa luv, hugs xxxx

Aunty Sue said...

Hi Nic glad tey didnt get any of your hard earned money my son had this happen last year but all was ok in the end. Sounds bit like my day house hunting esate agent mine sent me to see a house. Bargin she said omg need a shower after I came out and when i got home had some sort of muck for a better word on my shoe and the needed a plumber for my tap. So when you get your clover pick one for me.

Juls said...

what a shame, at least the bank were quick to notice!!!! Enjoy your chill out session, sending hugs Juls

Andrea C said...

That is just terrible I don't understand how these scumbags can do that to someone! Glad to hear you got it sorted x

denny said...

chrikey thats scarey lucky enuff ive been ok paying through stuff with paypal but ive had to bad experiences my self so now i check my statements cos some company wich i will name and shame called vista print i had a callender of them and they kept my card details passed it on to some other compay and started takeing 40 quid a month of me i did get it back but i no wot you mean its scarey to buy of line but ive been ok paying through paypal hope you get it sorted soon thats no joke xxx

Rachel said...

aww hun thats not good! At least they spotted it and can sort it out before it gets any worse.
I've got a little something on my blog for you :)
Hugs, Rachel xx

Andria said...

OMG it's a horrible situation to be in I can sympathise with you, happened to me. Thank god your bank were on the ball before more money was taken. Hope it's all sorted soon and they can shed some light on how it happened!

Squirrel x said...

Oh hun! You poor love - but thank goodness for your bank's speedy response. It only they were all that responsible. I don't think I would trust mine to notice it that fast. Hope you get your new card soon. And I hope the fraudster's feet explode, one at a time. Hugs, Sxx

Amanda said...

Hi Nic, hope it all gets sorted soon for you, have a similar situation myself with one of my cards at the moment, blinking annoying isn't it.
Amanda x

Rachel said...

oh, Coops, what a day- sounds a bit like something I heard about last week with people who'd shopped online with Lush, I think quite a few people had fraudulent payments for O2 show up. Not sure if that can be it seeing as you don't shop online, inless it's instore too, but just thought I'd mention it :) I know what you mean about nervousness when shopping online, I do all the time as i can't get to the shops but there are some panic moments when things don't go quite as they should :S good that they cottoned on and you'll be reimbursed, though :)
Hope your evening of crafty therapy helps and your Sassys come soon- i ordered my first ones as well as some GGs at the weekend and am looking forward to a play soon!! :)
hugs, Rachel x

Cor* said...

YOWCH!! This has been happening in all parts of the country I'm afraid. It's happend to people I know as well. Scary stuff man! So glad you were still able to order your Sassys! Hopefully this get's straightened out!

annies place said...

How awful for you, thankfully the bank noticed it, hope you get things sorted quick.
Take care Ann x

Mau xx said...

Oh! Coops, I feel so sorry for the ordeal you have had......... But I had to titter at the fact that the ordering of your Sassy's went ahead This girl understands how important it is to get our fix sorted no matter what :))
Huge Hugs hope you enjoy your de-stressing time. xx Mau

Vicky said...

I've had things like that hap to me I use Paypal now for most things hubby had to have new card a couple of months ago for our other bank cus someone had tried to fraudently use it in some way luckily the bank was on top of it. I am not buying the new sassy's cus I dont really like them ssshhhh lol thought you would be buying the new WOJ ones hun.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

Sue said...

Oh Nics
thats awful, glad you got it sorted in the end, hope you get the money back, mine seem to fone quite often to check on things, i had 40.00 taken out with voda fone, im not on voda fone! sue,x

Lindsey said...

Oh what a day!
Thank goodness the bank noticed what was going on. I had the same thing happen to me only the person who was using my card was really sneaky. They were using it to top up there phone but never more than £20 at a time and once a week. If it hadn't been a different network to me (and if I was rich) I would never have noticed. It's scary. These days I shred everything with my address on wont pay anything over the phone and huddle over the chip and pin machine!
Didn't get the stamps then? Grrr!
Hope you have a better day tommoz
Linds x

tilly said...

OOOOOOOOO coopsy, just one thing after anther in your house... so pleased a stop was put on your card, at least you have your sassy girls on the way!!!!
Tilly x

Jennifer said...

Goodness that's really bad! Especially as you don't use it online...wonder if a cashpoint had been tampered with to get peeps details? At least the bank were very good at spotting it quickly xx Jenny xx

Christine L said...

Oh NO!!! Glad you're getting your stamps tho - at least a bit of light at the end of the tunnel!
Christine x

Lee said...

Oh my gawd.You poor thing,how absolutely awful for you,and you work so hard.Thank god your bank were on the ball.It's enough to make you poorly again,do hope you have recovered from that too hun.Fingers crossed all will be fine for you now hun.Loads of huggles.xxxx