Wednesday, 23 February 2011

progress report

evening all.i`ve just come on my blog to give you a update on my painting and also to the person who left the comment under anonymous i would appreciate it if you could leave your name next time then maybe i can visit you and give you an answer.i will publish the comment but have to say that the comment has upset me a lot and i feel was totally uncalled for.
this is this the comment.
so yu hav time 2 make fancy cards but dont hav time to comment on others .......queen coop

By anomynous on its not a square card :D at 20:33

as regular followers of my blog know i always go all out to comment on all the blogs i follow but as i am off work this week and also my son is at home with it being half term ,no i haven`t had time to comment on other peoples blogs but once my decorating is done i will return to commenting as normal.
i did actually visit some blogs and comment last night but did not get around to everyone.
so please if you have a problem then say it but not like that.
so to all who are kind enough to visit, here is an update on the decorating.
just the one wall to do now, its got to be papered then painted and the stars painted.
the paler blue colour, it actually a bit darker than we thought but little man likes it and that all that matters.
and another pic.
right i`m off to check little mans asleep then will go see what you`ve all been up to.
enjoy the rest of your evening  :D

luv coops xxxx


Janice said...

Coops, I have to say, I don't know anyone who comments more on my blog than you. It amazes me how you find the time, but I love it when you drop by. Your cards are lovely as is your blog - and now even your decorating - so when you coming to stay??? Jx

Julie said...

Coops the room is looking fantastic!! And that commentator is just shameful! You are one of the most prolific commentators out there and your should totally disregard their cowardly anonymous comment - it just shouts pure jealousy!! Big hugs to you and you keep doing what you're doing!! Juliexx

karen said...

Hi Coops, that blue is a fab shade, its coming on really nicely. I am not sure what comment was left but I love coming to see your cards and you always take the time to comment on mine. Take no notice!! hugs, Karenxx

Amanda said...

Hi Nic, the room looks great, I love the blue, can't wait to see it finished. You have always commented on my blog and I have appreciated each and every one, don't let this person get you down

Sue said...

Hiya Nic, you are always there to comment on my cards and I am chuffed to bits that you do.Sod them just pure nasty.You have worked great on your Lads room,so take it easy.Keep doing what you are doing with your gorgeous cards.
Hugs Sue xx

tilly said...

Hi coops,
Think I will move into this room lol, looking good!
Ignore the rude, hurtful comment..... could not even leave a name..... I appreciate your comments on my blog even when you are not well, Thank you
Tilly xx

Carol said...

The room is really looking fab Nic! Luv that blue. What a horrible person to say things like that and then be such a coward to sign it anonymous??? That's really not called for, just ignore them Hun, they're looking for attention so don't give it to them. You're always commenting on the people that matter so don't worry about the people that don't. Hope you've at least been enjoying the decorating. Must be honest though I'm missing your fabby cards rofl. Lotsa luv, hugs xxxxx

craftycreationsbydebbie said...

How can someone be so mean to leave a comment like that, I hope they hang their head in shame. The fact that you do take the time to comment on cards epecially when there are 1000's of blogs out there is admirable. I am so greatful that you take time out of your busy day to visit my blog is so much appreciated.
Big hugs Debbie x

PS love the decorating I've got a hallway that needs doing! x

Vicky said...

How awful Nic and that person should be totally ashamed ~ you are lovely and I'm so proud to be your blog buddy! don't let that nasty person get you down hun, they are so not worth it.
Your decorating looks super sweetie and I bet your little man is sooooo pleased with it so far :o)

take care and sending HUGE hugs, Vicky xx

Kimberly said...

WOW! unreal, what gall to leave a comment like that. Many people have lives that include much more than sitting in front of a computer. I would never expect all my followers to comment on all my projects. It's soooo time consuming. I follow many blogs and have to say somedays i only have time to glance at their great work. Totally uncalled for and not even leave a name what a

Christine said...

Hiya Nic my you are busy, the little mans room is looking fab, lots of hard work in decorating & tedious going over it all time & time to THE comm. this person needs to get a LIFE outside blogging cos we all have one..been busy meself &&& MR mojo has left me AGAIN..take care........

smiles Christine xx

Jennifer said...

Hi Coops. Don't take it to heart...there are some very funny people about! As said above I don't know anyone who comments more than you! The bedroom looks brilliant so far xx Jenny xx

Fleur said...

Oh Nic that's awful. You're always commenting, this person has obviously got nothing better to do with their life! and anyway, so what if you miss commenting once in a while. I can't always leave comments on every ones blog ~ I do try but there's more to life. Just carry on the way you are, don't let them get to you ~ life's too short!!!
Oh and your decorating looks fab
Hugz fleur xXx

Viv said...

I'll say the same thing here as I did on one of the challenge blogs where someone commented anonymously - 'Have the courage of your convictions and post using your name'.
I don't put comments on blogs hoping that they are reciprocated - I comment because I love to see others creations and to let the creator know that I like them - life is busy we all have other things that take up our time(and in your case at the mo it's decorating - love the - if you don't comment for a few days so what? You're supposed to enjoy creating and blogging not be castigated because you've found some spare time for yourself, made a lovely card then got on with other things.
Sending you hugs (and some turps to get the paint out of your hair......!!!!) x

Lisa said...

Hi Coops, Sorry to hear this nasty comment has upset you but just ignore it. People like this are just not worth bothering about.

The room is looking fab ... I bet your little man can't wait to sleep/play in his bedroom and is very pleased with his lovely Mum :-)

Lisa x

Netty said...

Oooh the room is looking gorgeous Coops, so love that blue. Forget about that stupid comment its really not worth worrying about. Hugs Annette x

Diamond Doll said...

How rude of that commenter you always try and visit my blog and leave lovely comments but i surely dont get upset if you dont for a while.We all have busy lives and cant always be in 2 places at once.I know i dont get much commenting done but when i do have time i try to visit as many as i can.Dont take any notice Nic.
Little mans room is looking great all the hard work will be worth it when you have the room finished.
Trish (-:

gina g said...

Hi Nicola I shouldn't worry darling if they ain't got the ball's to leave their name they ain't worth worrying about lol, keep up the good work. luv gina xx

Rosietoes said...

Crumbs Coops that was unpleasant. I can't believe how many comments you do manage to make and I know I appreciate every single one you leave on my blog. Sending you some wee
Thank you for visiting me this evening - you're a star.

I love the decoration and you are coming on leaps and bounds with it. No wonder the wee man is pleased. :)

Edna x

jenny said...

Love the decorating've been soooo busy!! It's going to look great :)

On the nasty comment....I dont know how anyone can leave such a comment!! I really appreciate you commenting on my blog and I feel bad for not always getting round to yours!!! Life just gets in the way sometimes!! Ignore Anon :)

Jenny xx

Little K Smith said...

Just cannot believe some people, honestly Coops don't let them bring you down! You always find the time to leave lovely comments! And the room is looking fab too :)
Keep yer chin up!

Donna Mosley said...

Hi Nic, wow the lil' fella's room is really coming on. You're doing a great job. He is so going to love his new room.

Take no notice of the nasty comment you had left love. When I first started blogging you were there to welcome me to blogland on day 1 and you are a VERY regular visitor to my blog, always leaving me really lovely comments. Whats more you are a font of inspiration hun. Proud to be your blog buddy. :o)

P.S. Looking forward to seeing the finished bedroom.

Donna x

Juls said...

Hi Nic....Firstly dont worry about the always have been very regular about commenting...and the thing is we do all have lives and other things have to take priority, I love commenting on peoples blog and I know there are times when I am way way behind in my commenting (like now!! LOL) and I do my best to catch up, I always appreciate it when people comment, but I am not too worried if they dont as I understand that sometimes it is not that really is the most ridiculous comment!!!! please dont let it upset you hon!!!

Loving the blue of the room, all the upheaveal will be worth it when you have a beautiful newly decorated room to look at!!!

take care!
Hugs Juls

MagsB said...

Since I've recently spent time helping my sister paint a room, I know what a long time it takes and how exhausting it is.

I won't give my opinion on the comment, but I am feeling very indignant on your behalf. What's more important, commenting on blogs or your family???! I am always very chuffed whenever you comment on mine, because you're a busy lady. I, for one, really appreciate it.

And the room looks great! It's a lovely colour!

Much love, Mags xxx

Paper Hearts Handmade Cards said...

Hi coops I have came by your blog via another I follow and love your cards and your painting is coming on a treat , cant believe someone would be so shallow to insult you on your blog and cowardly to leave it anonymous, jealousy springs to mind....not everyone has time every day to leave comments on all blogs we follow so please ignore them and carry on doing your thing love K x

Wishcraft said...

Wow how mean is that?! You're the last person who deserves such nastiness - you comment LOADS, way more than I could ever manage. I often wonder how you keep up! Try not to be too upset by it. Glad the decorating is coming along :o) Lisa x

Lizzy said...

OMG nic how totally rude are some people... actually you are queen coop ...queen of commenting :) you never fail to leave them and go to work and keep a home n be a mum/wifey. You gets loads of fab comments hun so dont let one stupid one upset you ...keep ya chin up nic

xx Lizzy xx :)

♥Gemma♥ said...

I just cant believe some people....that comment was so uncalled for, im one of the worst bloggers for commenting on blogs and catch up when i can but i hope people understand that i have a busy life bringing up 4 very active boys and one who's only 10 months old. As much as i love receiving comments, i understand when people dont leave them as i know they are busy just like i am but i wouldnt dream of leaving such a horrible comment like that!!

I dont think there isnt a card of mine that you havent commented on and if you havent commented on the day ive put it on, i know for one it wont be long before you pop by do so which i really appreciate with all my heart *Mmwah* anyhoo dont worry about it sweetie, they arent worth it!

You still have me & lots of other bloggers who love ya :o)

On a happier note sweetie, your little boys bedroom is coming on a treat sweetie.....i bet he is really excited and cant wait to get back in there!!

Sorry for waffling on sweetie :o)
hugs and xxx

Lizzy said...

ooops forgot to say .... luv the colour of little mans room, tell him he can show it to me proper when i next come. I've not forgot about you know what hun,lol :)

xx Lizzy xx :)

Sarahshandmadecardsx said...

Hi Nic your little man's bedroom is coming along great love that shade of blue.

Can't believe that anybody would be so nasty as to leave such a horrible comment especially as you do comment so much on everybody's cards.

Hugs Sarahxx

cardmaking bird said...

Hi Nic. The room is looking fab - little man is going to love it when it's all finished, I'm sure!! As for the nasty comment, the fact that they didn't put their name speaks volumes!!! You are one of the people that always leaves me comments and if ever life gets in the way, you always let us know in one of your posts - and yes, sometimes life does get in the way, and that's fair enough, we're all allowed to have lives outside of blogging and when you've got a family, etc then they have to take priority and I think anyone that doesn't realise that is pretty sad. Chin up, Queen Nic (but meant in a completely different way!!) - we all luv ya!!! Hugs, Marie xx

Louise said...

Hi Coops just sending hugs and take no notice of the comment you have a life and family and they are more important, kids grow up so fast and I would rather spend time with my kids and family than be able to say I commented on everyones card.They should be grateful you share your gorgeous creations with us.
Hugs Louise xx

XxJULESxX said...

Looks like you've worked hard on the room Coops, i love the colour it's my fav.As for the rude comment i would ignore it we all know it's not true anyway!.

Kathleen said...

Oh Coops what a mean thing to say, try not to let that bad comment upset you. I really appreciated you visiting my blog and leave lovely comments especially when you have a busy lifestyle.

Your boy is gonna to love that bedroom when its all finished.

Kathleen x

debby4000 said...

Hi Nic, gosh that bedroom is looking fabulous.
Just to let you know you can go into comment settings and stop any annoymous comments, I've had to do this because of the dozens of spam comments I was getting every day.
Comment when you can and when you want, there is no law saying you must comment, family comes first always.

melsanford said...

That's a real shame that people have to be nasty like that. I know it can be very upsetting but you just have to remind yourself that that person is the only one who feels like that. Ignore them and they might go away! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

Jules said...

Hi Coops

Sorry to read the nasty comment you were left.

Totally uncalled for.

Personally I don't know how you fit in as much as you do.

You have a home, a family, a job, create wonderful cards and still manage mega commenting. I often wonder whether you are one of these people who doesn't need to sleep LOL!!.

Take no notice of this person. They are clearly jealous of you.

Personally it wouldn't bother me if you never commented on anything I post .. .. provided you still post your lovely creations on your own blog for me to see.

Blogging isn't about racking up comments .. .. it is about sharing what we enjoy doing and hopefully helping and inspiring each other.

By the way the decorating is looking fantastic. You must be so pleased with it.

Love Jules xx

Squirrel x said...

Oh wow hun, the room is looking ace! If you need to extend your skills any further I have a spare room that needs doing, lol! Well, what can I say babes, this reminds me of the gremlins that sneak in over at DC to stir up trouble - too cowardly to name themselves, not even enough backbone to have their own blog. I know it is hurtful hun, but we (the ones that count) know it isn't true and we all love you. So (rude gesture) to Anonymous, with knobs on. Hugs, Sxx

sue said...

hi coops
i come across your blog via dc,all i can say is just try to ignore such comments,the feedback comments i have just read said it all,you are well loved & thought of.
you make such gorgous cards all them lovely.
& to boot your a decorator to.
sue xx

Sarpreet said...

How rude!!!!!!! I agree with all the comments above. Since when is commenting Mandatory?!?! If you are busy for a few days and do not have the time, so what. If i had to choose between commenting or card making, I would make cards for an hour then catch up another day on commenting.

You are a great blogging buddy. I can see why you are upset.

Do not feel like you have to comment. Having a child, and decorating and it being half term is exhausting enough.

I am glad to have you in blogland, take care of yourself first.


CraftyC said...

HIya Nic, looks like its all go at your end. I wish I could visit all the peeps that visit my blog and comment but not enough hours in the day. I comment as & when coz I want to and never expect peeps to feel they have to come & comment on mine. We all lead busy lifes and I can see you are included atm. The room looks fab, Bet you cant wait to see it all finished.

Lee said...

Oh my gosh,what a rotten thing to say and then not have the guts to leave name COWARD.I love coming on your blog to see your creations,you are so talented and a LOVELY person.It's great when i get comments on my blog being a beginner BUT, I certainly do NOT expect people to drop everything just to visit me and leave a comment,that's NOT in my opinion what it's all about.We love to see our buddies creations and that should be the reason we visit not to get visits or comments in return.I love the room Nic,well done.Hugs luv ya hun.xxxxx

Jackie said...

Firstly coops, ignore the person who left such a comment, he/she must be very jealous of you. Don't gratify him/her by giving it the attention that he/she is seeking!
You have always left comments for me when you are able and I appreciate them very much.
Looks like the little man's room is coming along nicely :o)
Jackie xx

Andria said...

Awww hun, what a sad individual, if they cannot post their comment and show their face then they are a coward in my eyes. Please don't take it to heart, you always leave comments when you can but it isn't the sole reason for blogging, blogging is for sharing creations, hints, tips, new finds, ideas, random ramblings etc, so if you miss a few don't worry. We are all juggling a million things at once and understand.

Little mans room is looking great, i love a crisp and freshly painted room, I'm already a neat freak, but it encourages you to keep it cleaner lol (Hugs) x

sallysbitz2 said...

Good evening Nici x

I cannot believe that someone has left you a comment like that .... How dare they!!!

You comment on my blog often & I am nothing special.
I have followed lots of blogs BUT I do not get time to visit everyone!
This does not mean I have joined just for the sake of it. I tend to visit those who have visited me 1st & then go to the dashboard & work my way down the list, I never reach the bottom Lol

Do not let this bother you, you are a talented crafter, and this person can only be JEALOUS!

PS.. You are doing a fab job on that little mans room x

hugs sally x

Andrea C said...

You don't have to comment on anyones blog so what are they on about! Just ignore it queen coop hehe that is quite funny though at least they think of you as royalty. Your little man's room is coming along nicely though x

Shree's Blog said...

Hi Nic, the room looks fab, dont take no notice there is only so many hours in a day and you just cant do everything and your blog is like your cards Wonderful so dont let that rotten comment get you dont, they are not worth it especially as they could not put their name to it. I always say if you have got something to say, well be honest about it in everyway and if you cant be nice dont bother, there is enough negativity in this world as it is. So chin up and give yourself a pat on the back for all the hard work that you do, lol

Shree xx

Shaz said...

Room is looking great Nic. remember my son had his room the same colour. He really wanted black walls but i had to put my foot down to that, lol.x

Christine L said...

Hi Nic
I'm just catching up on reading & commenting on the posts after a couple of days not feeling too good. I am APPALLED to read that someone could leave a comment like this on your blog. You are the one of the few people who ALWAYS takes the time to comment on my creations - and I treasure those comments.
Whoever has left this comment for you is a coward (as it's anonymous), a bitch, and someone who is very jealous of your talents. Please take no notice although I understand that you must be very upset and it is difficult to put out of your mind. But just think that 99.99% of us out here in blog land LOVE YOU!
Christine x

Cazza said...

Hey Coops,

The room is looking absolutely fab, love blue and white - so fresh!

Re the comment, I couldn't aggree more with everyone else hon. Ignore this horrible person, don't waste your time giving it any more energy and instead focus on the good stuff :o)) I don't get a chance to get on blogger every day so am quite often behind (as I am now!) and trying to catch up. But life should not be spent on computers but living!! Don't give it another thought hon :o)

Much love,

Mau xx said...

Hi Coops what a Fab colour your little mans room is, He is going to love it when its complete. Thanks for comments and your encouragement too sweetie. The other discussion isn't even worth talking about.
Huge hugs Mau xx xx