Tuesday, 15 February 2011


oh dear.you know the big box of chocs my hubby bought me, well i`m not one for looking at the little piece of paper inside which tells you what the chocs are,i like a surprise but not the sort that pulls your tooth out :(
yep it was caramel and its clean pulled out my tooth with the pin in, theres just a tiny piece of tooth holding on.oh well there won`t be as much to extract now, lol.
i also got a phonecall from the doctors this morning at 10am, blood sugar etc all ok apart from the one i asked them to test me for.
yep i have high cholestarol, so now need to watch what i eat so lots of reading the packaging now.all my levels were ok apart from the saturated fat one (inherited from my mum they think) so thats what i`ve got to cut down on and considering its in lots of food it will be interesting.
roll on summer when all those gorgeous fruits are in season for me to munch on.
going have a banana sandwich and yogurt for my tea now, oh how exciting, hehehehe.
see ya laters and thanks to all who have commented on my PFP card :D

luv coops xxxxx


annies place said...

Hi really sorry to hear your tooth broke,it might be saveable though,wth a crown, well hope so.
It's best you found out about the test, now you can do something to help reduce it, best say no to the chocs in future, good luck & take care Ann x

Amanda said...

Hi Nic, it s amazing what you find once you start readin th label in food. Hope you feel better soon.

Lee said...

Oh well,as long as you enjoyed yer chocs lol.Glyn is on a low fat diet cus of his heart probs,not too bad once you get started.Take care.Hugs xxxxx

Jules said...

What more can I say Coops other than .. .. OH DEAR!!!!

Sorry to hear about the tooth - or lack of one and also about your new diet!!!

Does that mean you can't finish off that box of chocolates?!?!?!?

Take care.

Love Jules xx

Squirrel x said...

Oh hun! You are having a time of it just now! Ouch on the tooth, and pants on the newly enforced diet. Hope things settle down for you soon. Off to have a peek at your card. Hugs, Sxx

Donna Mosley said...

Eek! what a pain with the tooth and new diet. You will have to have treats of a different sort, mmm... more yummy stash maybe? hehe!

Donna x

Julie said...

Oh dear Coops!! I've high cholesterol too but not being very good about it!! Bet you wish you'd found out about it before you had that choccie!!! Juliexx

Elizabeth said...

Oh dear, another trip to the dentist, ouch in the pocket too. And sadly for you chocolate is high in fat (not to mention sugar) so it really will become a very occasional treat for you now. Like you say fat is an ingredient in a lot of stuff you wouldn't expect - so many traps for the unwary! :) Take care, Elizabeth x

jgaffneycards said...

ouchie, you poor thing, teeth who'd have 'em :)
hope it doesnt hurt too much

Jenny :)

Christine L said...

Ouch to the tooth!! Poor you! But glad you enjoyed the chocs!! No more now though if you have to get your cholesterol down..
Christine x

Mau xx said...

I guess the chocs are a treat from now on.. and it looks like Flora Pro drinks for you....lol They are amazing i must say xx
Hope you get your tooth sorted quick :(