Monday 11 April 2011

good morning.

good morning all.well it was a little grey first thing but the sun is coming out now in staffs and its lovely and warm so am gonna plant me new plants in the garden.clean me windows and strip the beds.the sun sure shows up any speck of dust :S
have a fabulous day whatever you have planned and hopefully i should have a card to share soon.was going to make one last night but watched waking the dead then got engrossed in zombies on channel 5.did anyone else watch it, i thought it was good :D
right i better get something done.
luv coops xxx

updated:grrrrrrr its raining now.did manage to clean all the windows outside and also the upvc of the windows and doors but not managed to get my plants in.
right better go and clean the windows inside now.
have just got rid of a lot of my old books from my bookshelf so the piles of new books could go on it.we have filled 6 big bags but theres still not enough room for my new ones.i`ll have to read them
see ya later :D


kay said...

hi coops,enjoy your busy day,its gone overcast and grey today :(
i watched the waking dead last night and it was brill and also the zombie series on a sky channel,very good,enjoy,x

Anonymous said...

Hi Coops..

It was amazing, i'm sad but i do like zombie or horror films, my ole man left me an went to bed, WIMP, lol...
Enjoy your spring clean, that was me yesterday....
Huggies Angel

Sue said...

Hi Nic,its peeing down here now,yuk.I watched waking the dead but no zombies,dont fancy it.Hope you get your plants in.
Hugs Sue xx

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Nic,

I hope you manage to get your work done, we have sun now but we had some light rain just as the window cleaner had cleaned my windows, I did not watch either programes last night sorry I dont like horror but I am glad you enjoyed it.
Have a nice day

cardmaking bird said...

Hee, hee I'm like Angel, I like anything with horror especially zombies. I watched the whole of The Walking Dead when it was on sky. OMG, it's one of the best things I've ever seen! Each episode just gets better and better. I really hope there's a new series soon! Hugs, Marie xx

tilly said...

Hi Coops, fancy it raining on your clean windows lol
enjoy your busy day, I to have loads of books, I am trying to read faster as well lol

Amanda said...

Hope you enjoyed your day of cleaning, it feels good to get rid of stuff especially if you have even better stuff to replace it with lol. I like the walking dead,like anything with zombies in it, watched the whole series and it gets better, hope you enjoy it too

Andria said...

Nothing better than a spring clean. We wtached the Zombie thing last night too, Leon loves zombie films and has seen this series when it was on sky, but I wouldn't watch it on me own lol so he's sitting through it again! I prefer Vampires lol !

Christine said...

Hi Nic saw your post this morning & have just got round to leaving you a comm. how bad am I?? no dont answer that..LOL
everything seems to have slowed me down 2day..cleaned me windows in/out..then YES it pees down..went to see freind/neighbour back home 2hrs later..& this is how my day has been, & am feeling proper grotty think am getting a chest infection..have good nite am off to watch the FINAL episode ever of Waking the dead..

smiles Christine xx