Saturday, 16 April 2011

oh dear

evening all.
just to say their will more than likely be no card from me new laptop looks like it may have to be returned as my screen keeps getting pink blobs all will go alright and then it plays up again.
my brother is on his way down now to see what he thinks but he thinks its a graphic problem which for a 3 week old laptop shouldn`t be happening.
so better be off and fingers crossed i`ve not got to go through a load of faff  :S
hopefully back soon.
luv coops.xx

UPDATED!! sorted now i has just finished uninstalling this and that and installing this and that and running scan after scan and lots of other weird stuff.
dell diagnostics showed no problems.
will find out in the morning when i switch my lappy on if the problem is sorted.
thanks for all your messages.
off to bed now :D


Fiona said...

not so good Nic. I am taking Holly's laptop back tomorrow which I bought for her Christmas and the wireless won't work...3 months old too so hopefully they will change hers aswell....I can't be doing with this!!


xGemmax said...

Awww sweetie you arent having much luck lately with your laptops...hope you get it sorted asap!!
Hugs and xxx

Donna Mosley said...

Oh! Nic, you've had some bad luck lately with lappy's. Hope uour bro' can suss it out.

Donna x

Viv's Visuals said...

Oooo sounds like your grahics card has thrown a wobbly.... ah the delights of modern technology, hope you get back in the PC mode soon. x

Anonymous said...

Aww damn! I hope your bruv can sort it for you CC XX

Jules said...

Oh Coops .. .. what a nightmare!!

I'm assuming the pink blobs aren't raspberry ripple ice cream!!!

Joking apart I hope you manage to get it exchanged for another. That certainly doesn't seem right.

Love Jules xx

Jennifer said...

Oooh hope you get sorted soon. Your Brother sounds really the 4th emergengy service!! xx Jenny xx

jackid said...

Hope every thing is ok when you return in morning these computers are a right pain in backside
Jacki xx

xxxtglxxx said...

Pink blobs on the screen - sounds more like a craft splatter to me! :) lol.

Hope its all ok now Nic - funny things pc's aint they?



poodlechops43 said...

Hi Coops,
Awww pesky computers eh lol. Well I hope its all sorted for you now, must admit pink blobs on the screen is a new one on me lol.
Hugs Jacqui xxxxx