Monday, 18 April 2011


Good morning.the sun is shining and i go back to work later typical :D
so i returned my laptop to tesco yesterday and would the pixaltion show up when they switched my lappy on................NO!!!
But luckily one of their own staff had the very same problem with their dell laptop. same model too so i came home with a brand new replacement which means all my pics are stuck on the old one and as i type  (on my bros pc) he is setting up my new laptop again!!!
so fingers crossed by the time i get home from work later i`ll be up and running again.
have a fabulous day and i hope the sun shinings where you are.
luv coops xxxx


Anonymous said...

Glad it's all sorted hun
Playtime when you get
Huggies Angel

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Nic,

Yes we have the sun shining here too, just put my washing out. Well done one getting another laptop and I hope this one works better.
Have a nice day dont work too hard.

tilly said...

good luck with the new one Coops, no good if they don't work !
Tilly x

Faye said...

Oh isn't that just so typical, lucky there was someone there that had the same problem. Better luck with the new one. Have a great day. xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh my CC!! You and your lappies hehe!!!

I'd get a completely different model if Dell are problematic

Glad to see you back (even though you only went for a ikkle bit) xx

Janette said...

Thats good news hun,see you later.xx

Sue said...

Im so chuffed you got sorted out Nic.Catch you later.
Sue xx

Sue said...

Hi hun
glad you got it sorted, phew,xx

Jacq said...

Hi Coops,
Here in Cheshire its a lovely sunny warm day. Phew glad to hear your laptop woes may soon be over lol. Good Luck with the new laptop ;)
Hugs Jacqui xxxxx

Viv said...

Bet you'll miss seeing the pink blobs when you turn on tonight! LOL Have a good day.

Feebsy said...

Good luck with the new laptop


Vicky said...

Glad you have got it sorted hun...and cannot wait to see your new creations..woohooooooooo!

hugs Vicky xx

Sarpreet said...

Gorgeous card - great layout